The biggest Polish bank in Olivia Business Centre

On the photo: Olivia Business Centre
On the photo: Olivia Business Centre
Polish bank PKO Bank Polski will open its new branch in Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk.

The bank will lease over 200 sq m of leasable space at the ground floor. New branch of Bank PKO BP in TPS' office building will be the twelfth in turn in Gdansk as well as one of the biggest bank facility in the city. The bank will be located in the most visible part of the building at Grunwaldzka Str. For opening of new branch of the Bank PKO BP we have to wait until June. Customers of  this institution would appreciate the fact that they will have on their disposal free of charge parking for the first hour of use.

Olivia Business Centre developed by TPS is formed in Tri-City business park that will consist of 3 buildings – already completed Olivia Gate, Olivia Point and Olivia Tower. The first building has been leased in over 90 percent. In one of two other buildings a medical center will be set up. At the close vicinity of the complex university campus with swimming pool, fitness and sports hall is forming.

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