Asseco Poland SA in Wilanów Office Park

The Picture show one of  the building of Wilanów Office Park.
The Picture show one of the building of Wilanów Office Park.
Asseco Poland SA, the leader in software house segment, finished the move into Wilanów Office Park.

The move, which was a great logistic operations, started on the 18th of July. After almost two weeks the company managed to move over 1000 employees and the IT centre. Asseco rented 40 000 square metres in Wilanów Office Park, the office space constitutes half of it. So far the software house had several offices located in different locations in Warsaw.
Katarzyna Drewnowska, Asseco Poland, said: ‘So far our employees In Warsaw were located In Tyree Office. Despite the fact that the distances between them were not large, the meetings of the employees from different locations demanded additional time for commuting. All departments in one location means saving not only time but also the money.’
Choosing the headquarters, the company paid attention to the location and functionality of the building. ‘It is a place surrounded by the greenery and low-rise area away from the hustle and bustle of city centre but with good transport connections’ comments Katarzyna Drewnowska. Apart from this the arrangement of the building’s interior was important – the biggest server room in Poland will be located in the office block. The headquarters of the company was designed by Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci.
Asseco Poland invested PLN 120 million in the new headquarters. PLN 31 million was raised from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund as a part of the Innovative Economy Programme.

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