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Office Sportsmanship

What do sport and office have in common? At first sight, it may seem that they are not related at all, however, appearances can be deceiving…

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In Search Of Facilities

The services which are available in the buildings and make every-day life easier are becoming a standard. What is the offer of the modern offices?

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ECO Green certificates

Nowadays, there are more and more offices which are awarded LEED and BREEAM certificates. They are granted to both existing buildings and newly constructed ones. We decided to examine some of the Polish offices to know what certificates were granted to them.

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Offices at great heights

The list of the highest buildings in Poland is regularly expanded by new structures, whereas the offer of the office market is becoming more and more differentiated and attractive. We would like to present you the highest offices in Polish cities.

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Magnet for employers

Point of view

From time to time there is some information in the media about a new kind of office realized in a city. It is followed by information about new work places which are to be provided on the local market. Is that so? We decided to discuss this issue on the example of three Polish cities.

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