Office Sportsmanship

What do sport and office have in common? At first sight, it may seem that they are not related at all, however, appearances can be deceiving…

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Office courtyards – a new trend in Poland

A new office courtyard is currently being realized in Krakow on the area of a several-hectare-large garden in the city center. How to give a second life to the economic development from the 19th century? We are talking with Antoni Potocki about “Nowa Stajnia” and its incredible surroundings.

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(un)usual offices

How to distinguish your office from other buildings? We present you several ideas which are frequently used by developers.

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Small offices in Nowa Stajnia

Krakow comes up with a new offer to all people who would like to open an office in a small building. They will have a chance to locate them in Nowa Stajnia on the area of the several-hectare-large garden at Sokołowskiego 19 Street.

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