Small offices in Nowa Stajnia

Nowa Stajnia in Krakow - a good option for people who would like to open their office in a small building
Nowa Stajnia in Krakow - visualization
Krakow comes up with a new offer to all people who would like to open an office in a small building. They will have a chance to locate them in Nowa Stajnia on the area of the several-hectare-large garden at Sokołowskiego 19 Street.

Olsza Nieruchomości plans to redevelop the old stable and coachhouse into a small office. The planned investment is to be called Nowa Stajnia and it will deliver ca. 750 sq. m of office space for rent to the Krakow market. The main objective of Olsza Nieruchomości, which is realizing Nowa Stajnia, is to give modern character to old buildings and maintain the charm of rural developments. The completion date of the modernization of old farmhouses has not been revealed yet.


Nowa Stajnia is a well-located building. It is situated in Olsza at Sokołowskiego Street in close proximity to the city center of Krakow. The future office will be located on the area of the several-hectare-large garden and the greenery will be maintained. The future employees will be able to benefit from this part of area for entertainment purposes. They will be able to organize a picnic there or use a volleyball court or football pitch. There is also a classic mansion of Potocki family erected in the first half of 19th c.


The inspiration for Olsza Nieruchomości are economic teams of British pensions which are redeveloped into business centers known as "office courtyards". It is a good example of introducing modern functions to historical buildings.


Visualization of the building and film presenting the bird's-eye view of the investment can be seen here: Nowa Stajnia


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