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Unity Centre in Krakow - visualization
How to distinguish your office from other buildings? We present you several ideas which are frequently used by developers.

Firstly: architecture


An office which is characterized by original architecture; many examples of such buildings can be found not only in Polish and foreign metropolises. The architectural gems are more and more frequently built in smaller centers. The examples are the native regional cities such as Katowice (.KTW) or Poznań (Pixel), where developers have already realized, or are to realize, interesting investments.


There is no universal recipe for an office project which is to ravish everyone by its architecture. One of the crucial elements of architectural success of a given building is both coherent and innovative concept of the entire investment. However, it largely depends on, for instance, spatial policy of the city and the neighboring development of the area on which your office is to be realized. These elements can sometimes impose big limitations on the project in the area of shape of the building, permitted height, or even materials used during construction. In spite of these obstacles, more and more extraordinary offices are realized with the help of architects.


The Polish office industry can boast about many investments; those which are built from the proverbial scratch and those which are built within the bricks of the old structures, for instance, postindustrial buildings. While taking the first group into consideration, it is worth mentioning the Warsaw project of Ghelamco, that is the Warsaw Spire complex, Alchemia in Gdańsk implemented gradually by Torus, and the Skyliner office realized by Grupa Kairmpol in Warsaw. The second group concerns e.g. Wrocławski Park Biznesu 3 (Wrocław Business Park 3) or the first phase of Pomerania Office Park – Zefir.


Secondly: interesting interior


A good way for distinguishing your office from other investments can be also hiding untypical solutions or elements within its interior. The field is unlimited in this case; there are a lot of ideas which can be successfully used, e.g. innovative technologies, original arrangement or green enclaves. For instance, there will be a tree in the Krakow’s Kalwaryjska 33 project, which will spread over the all tiers and which is to constitute the central point of the office.


However, untypical solutions or even rooms are sometimes hidden inside the building. It concerns offices realized as a consequence of revitalization of the old buildings. True gems are often found during demolition or modernization works. The example is C200 Office in Gdańsk, where two nuclear shelters from 1984 were discovered.


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bon ton :
z zewnątrz to jedno ale i wewnątrz fajnie jest mieć unikalne rozwiązania dostosowane do konkretnego profilu działalności. nasza firma zatrudniła Iwonę Terczyńską z Terczyńska Design do fioletowej aranżacji, a właściwie fantazji. oczekiwaliśmy konkretnego projektu dla klientów kluczowych, bo to oni głównie nas utrzymują. i chcą widzieć ze firma jest prestiżowa i nowoczesna. projekt zachwycił najbardziej prezesa (początkowo). teraz sami widzimy jakie żniwo zbiera i dodatkowe punkty za funkcjonalność
December 5, 2016 at 6:22 PM