Flowery Events

How to create a unique atmosphere for important events? Technical elements, such as lighting or sounding, used to be of great importance in the past. Nowadays, flowers are becoming more and more popular because only they can complete any event in such an exceptional way.

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SPA for flowers

Spring is associated with a blooming period, thus now we start to think about flower maintenance more intensively. Kinga Dzwonnik, Kwiaty dla Biura, explains how to nurse flowers.

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Vegetative painting

We are often not aware of the importance of plants in the places we work and live. They do not only decorate the rooms but they also have an impact on our well-being.

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How to decorate your office for Christmas?

Christmas decorations have recently been present on the city streets and in the shops. Christmas trees and different wreaths are also in our houses. And what about offices? We are talking with Kinga Dzwonnik, Kwiaty dla Biura, about “tasty” decorations.

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