It's not only flowers which spread good vibes – that is a few words on plant pots

Aglaonema Croatia in a pot equipped with Lechuza Quadro irrigating system (pic Kwiaty dla Biura)
Plants grow in the ground so pots, in which they can be seeded, seem to be an essential thing. It turns out, however, that a pot is something more than just a container. Not only does it highlight the beauty of a given plant but it also serves as a decorative element of your office.

A wide range of shapes, colours and materials makes that pots constitute essential decorative elements of space, where they are placed. Typical plastic and small pots, which are white for the first half of the year, have gone out of style long time ago. Window sills, counters and rooms are currently decorated with beautiful products. As Kinga Dzwonnik, Kwiaty dla Biura, observes: pot is not only a thing in which we seed a plant – it is also an additional design item in our office. Modern pots are not only very elegant but they are also equipped with solutions for all people who would like to have flowers in their surroundings but who do not have enough time for their maintenance.


Plant pot vs. office design 


What pots should look like? First and foremost, they should fit the style of a given office or apartment. Their role is to exhibit plants and provide them with proper conditions for development. It is also important to choose enduring and good quality plants so that they could grow as long as possible. Indeed, the variety of shapes and colours of pots creates unlimited opportunities for arrangement, fitting the interiors and presenting themselves well outside the buildings. Clients can benefit from a wide range of pots: ceramic, wooden, metal, or pots made from plastic. It all depends on their taste, financial capacity and a particular interior, where they are to be placed – adds Kinga Dzwonnik.

Pots are perfect elements for arrangement of various areas – residential, office, or terrace. Many of them are characterized by interesting design, which can be adjusted to both classic and modern interiors. They are also used in creation of relaxation zones; properly selected, they can contribute to creation of a comfortable relaxation zone.


Is it possible for plant pots to be intelligent?


No one needs to be convinced about decorative features of plant pots. Their shape, colour and size can add some "touch of taste" to every interior. However, what to do so that our care about the surroundings would not end exclusively on placing a beautiful pot? A helpful solution for all people who claim that they do not have a green thumb can be pots which “think” for their owners. New solutions appear in many fields of our life and development of technique makes different aspects of everyday life, including maintenance of plants, easier. 

Plants influence our well-being and thus we want to have them in our apartments and work places. Many of us are afraid of their time-consuming maintenance, especially the issue of watering seems to be problematic – informs Kinga Dzwonnik, Kwiaty dla Biura. Fortunately, modern pots can surprise and support us in many different aspects – adds.  


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