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How to create a unique atmosphere for important events? Technical elements, such as lighting or sounding, used to be of great importance in the past. Nowadays, flowers are becoming more and more popular because only they can complete any event in such an exceptional way.

Technique plays a vital role in the modern world. Unfortunately, it has eliminated even the most natural and human friendly elements in many places. People do not feel comfortable in too modern rooms. The reception of space is especially important in case of different events, for it has an impact on the overall assessment. Innovative interiors are perversely equipped with all possible novelties of the world of technology. The angularity of such places, their severity or flatness leave much to be desired. It does not take much to bring these professionally completed installations to life, to bring additional energy to all participants of different events, or to create a unique atmosphere where the world of technology and the world of nature perfectly tone in – says Kinga Dzwonnik, the owner of Kwiaty dla Biura.

Green gets back into the good graces because it constitutes an eye-catching decoration even in the case of a seemingly uninteresting space. The view of fresh and trim flowers stimulates the senses and evokes pleasant emotions and thus it makes that participants have better memories of a given event. Therefore, the bunches of fresh flowers or plants in pots are increasingly popular during events, exhibitions, conferences, fairs, etc. They literally complement a given event and highlight its particular atmosphere.

What is more, ecology and return to nature are currently two popular trends, the knowledge of which has a positive impact on the image of a given event and its organizers. Pro-ecological approach is present everywhere, thus it also concerns decoration of space and interior design. How to “introduce” plants to your event? Professional companies are happy to help organizers by preparing floral and decorative design. Borrow some plants for your event, do not buy them and do not generate high costs. Show us your space and we will design a perfectly eye-catching greenery which will give it some character and originality. Combine modernity with nature, complete your space, do not repeat standard solutions, seek new “green islands”, which are cheaper and more pleasant. Find the balance between technology and nature, search for inspiration, some new forms and solutions – explains Kinga Dzwonnik.


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