How to decorate your office for Christmas?

Christmas decorations (realization and picture by Kwiaty dla Biura)
Christmas decorations have recently been present on the city streets and in the shops. Christmas trees and different wreaths are also in our houses. And what about offices? We are talking with Kinga Dzwonnik, Kwiaty dla Biura, about “tasty” decorations.

The office is a place which is primarily associated with work. Do Christmas decorations fit such space?


Of course. There are usually some Christmas accents in the majority of offices in the half of December and they do fit such space. It is often the top-down order of the company which deals with the organization of decorations. However, Christmas decorations are sometimes the bottom-up initiatives, which means that employees bring decorations and decorate common spaces of their registered offices by themselves. Additionally, small Christmas elements can be often found on desks. Christmas is a time when everyone wants to feel special, even with such small accents.


What favors Christmas elements in the office?


Such decorations are not only pretty, but they also bring good associations. Christmas elements constitute a part of memories and emotions. The family, the warmth, the taste of Christmas meals, the joy, the laugh and the singing – these are only some of many associations with Christmas decorations. I believe that they are one of the main reasons for decorating your work place. In my opinion, it is worth introducing Christmas elements to office interiors because it is a change in the energy of the office. Additionally, the cooperative decoration of the Christmas tree can be a perfect occasion to integrate employees. If they decorate their office or make decisions on their look, they do something together and thus such society integrates with each other.


Christmas tree, Christmas balls... What is the best way to decorate your office for Christmas?


I have only one word in mind: tasty! Decorations can be various because there are as many styles as people. Every employee has their own expectations related to Christmas decorations. However, if we want to decorate our office, its look should not arouse controversies. It is very important to maintain the restraint and sense of style. We should remember that there are different people with different needs in the office. As I mentioned earlier, it has to be tasty enough to meet the expectations of everyone, even those who do not like the Christmas tree. Moreover, we should not forget about people of different faith than Catholicism, or those who are not interested in Christmas for their own reasons.


It is why decorations have to be aesthetical and they cannot interfere or violate any norms. It is the general rule which should be respected. Except for it, I would enumerate, for instance, the selection of decorations in respect of color or company’s profile. We decorate the Christmas tree differently than in a bank, or in a creative agency. There are places where we can do more and create something untypical such as the Christmas tree with decorations in the form of strawberries.


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