Tricity is most desirable

2013 may be a record-breaking year, for Tricity, demand-wise office space.

Currently, in  Tricity, 90 000 m2 of office psace is being built. This is 25% of current market's space. Year 2012 was a very interesting year, still not a revolutionary year. Thanks to big transactions with Laureate (OIE Support), Bayer, Metsa, WNS or relocation of BPH Bank, current year will be record-breaking demand-wise office space - thinks Mariusz Wiśniewski, Senior Negotiator of CBRE in Gdansk.

Why Tricity attrects new investors? Three factors, mainly: growing demand on office space, advancement of infrastructure and availability of well trained workers. For example, many outsourcing companies are moving into Tricity. It is estimated that, even 1 500 workers will be needed in future investments.

Tricity, among Cracow, Wroclaw and Poznan, is very desirable for companies from BPO/SSC sector. It is very optimistic that our region under interest of many big companies from US and UE (mainly Scandinavian) connected, chiefly, with IT and consulting - said Maciej Brożek from Torus company (Alchemia's developer).

CBRE's Mariusz Wiśniewski added - New office blocks on market offer, not only, moder design but also higher effectiveness, savings and new functions improving working conditions. Alchemia, of Torus' company, is very interesting one. It will fuse A-class office block with a sport centre  (featuring swimming pool, climbing wall and daycare). Additional facilities are very desirable nowadays, many companies, from BPO/SSC sector, give out rebate cards such as: Multi Sport. Healthy worker is more effective, additionally, such card is an asset in current, highly competitive, labour market. 

Trend of changing B- and C-class offices to A-class offices, by big companies, is seen not only in Tricity. Lower standard objects are loosing interest, still, Maciej Brożek says, this is sector one should not forget about - Lower class office buildings' market was enfeebled by crisis, but it has been gradually regaining strength for 2 years now. Smaller, up to 100m2, and cheaper offices are desired for small businesses. For example, we have our B- and C-class office space leased in 95%.

Translated by Sebastian Kolbusz

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