Sugar Man with Interbiuro

On the 24th of January there was a pre premiere showing of the „Sugar Man” movie. It was organised by Interbiuro company, in cooperation with film distributor Gutek Film.

In Warsaw cinema Muranów there was a meeting of architects, developers, investors and other people from construction industry. The meeting was connected with a pre premiere showing of the „Sugar Man” movie. Interbiuro company together with film distributor Gutek Film has been organising such meeting for three years already. During them, the guests can not only watch unusual movies, but also meet in small-audience. The originator and organiser of the project is Renata Mikołajczyk-Chołuj, PR and Promotion Director in Interbiuro company.

One of the invited guests, dr inż. Zbigniew Kubiak from Pracownia Projektowa Zbigniew Kubiak, comments: I’ve been a fairly regular visitor of the meetings, organised by Interbiuro, since the beginning. The character of the meetings is for me rather private. Many of the people invited are from my professional circle, but the office matters do not dominate during the meetings after the screening – and this is valuable.

„Sugar Man” is based on facts history of a man, who had been foreseen a great career, but who had disappeared without trace for almost forty years. At the end of the 60’s, two music producers have heard Sixto Rodriquez in a bar in Detroit and decided to record an album with him. The record, however, was a fiasco and the singer disappeared. His records found their way to South Africa, divided by apartheid. There, they became more successful than the records of Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones.

Two of the fans decided to uncover, what had happened with their idol. They start their search, during which they discover the truth more unusual than all the myths surrounding Rodriquez.

Awarded, among others, on the Sundance festival and by the Producers Guild of America, „Sugar Man” is a story of the impact a coincidence can have and of the role luck plays in human life. The movie, apart from having an indisputable cognitional sphere – a big surprise, even if I knew that story from experience – also had a lot of beautiful frames and pictures. It also had a sensational script, based on real life events – says Zbigniew Kubiak.

Previously Interbiuro company has invited guests to see such movies as Pedro Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In”, Woody Allen’s “Whatever Works”, Steve McQueen’s “Shame” and Benh Zeitlin’s “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. Repertoire, chosen by the organisers, is an ambitious one. That meetings are a substitute for a movie debating society – sums up Zbigniew Kubiak.

„Sugar Man” will be released in Polish cinemas on the 22nd of February. Here we present its trailer:


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