Opening of Bonarka for Business

Bonarka for Business office buildings
Bonarka for Business office buildings
On the 17th of January 2013 we witnessed the official opening of building C in Bonarka for Business complex in Kraków.

We are in a spacious, finished office in an open space style. People gather are watching with interest the interiors and the other buildings, visible from big windows. Everyone is waiting for the beginning of the formal ceremony of opening another office building in Bonarka for Business (B4B) complex.

B4B is a modern project consisting of four detached buildings, arranged in an original urban array. It was awarded in artURBANICA 2012 contest for being the best public space. The newest office building, C, is considered to be another investment success of TriGranit company in Eastern and Central Europe. During the opening ceremony, we can listen to the speeches of and meet in person the representatives of the investors. Among them there is Tomasz Lisiecki, CEO of TriGranit Development Polska: The third building – as well as the others – fulfils all the quality norms, from special fire systems to professional monitoring systems and convenient working environment. While visiting the object, it is impossible to disagree about the high quality of execution and decor.

Location and architecture

Bonarka for Business complex is a part of a bigger, multifunctional centre Bonarka City Center, which offers commercial, service, entertainment, recreational, office and social spaces. The object is located on Puszkarska street, in proximity of A4 highway. The people invited to the opening could park in an underground lot or arrive by city transport, as the stops are located not far from the object.

Building C offers 8,700 m2 of space for lease and 112 parking spaces in an underground lot. A typical storey size is 1,274 m2. In the object there are modern architectonical, technological and practical solutions. All seven storeys of the object have suspended ceilings, technical floors, modern air-conditioning and ventilation systems, fire, telecommunications systems and BMS. The architectonical design was prepared by Biuro Architektoniczne Artur Jasiński i Wspólnicy.

The interest of the tenants

The tenants, among whom there is Herbalife company, who made their office space available for the opening ceremony, are praising the elasticity and freedom in arranging the interiors. Jacek Pączek, CEO of Herbalife, during his speech at the event, stressed: I must thank the investors for listening to tenants’ voices. These words surely please TriGranit company and IPR Group, responsible for the project.

In the third quarter of 2012, 97% of space in building C has already been rented. This result mirrors the big interest in the localisation and confirms, that on the market it is a good time for such investments – says Anna Krztoń, Office Leasing Manager of TriGranit Development Polska. In the object the space was leased, beside Herbalife, by such companies as Euroclear, CryptoTech or medical centre Lux Med.

Jones Lang LaSalle company is responsible for the commercialisation of the object. TriGranit assures, that the average time between signing the lease contract and giving away the space is three months.

This is not the end

The opening ceremony was not concentrated on the building C. The guests have also learned more about the fourth building of B4B complex, which is being constructed nearby. Tomasz Lisiecki convinces: The investments, characterised by good space and good localisation, having the best quality, will always be popular. That is why we had no worries when starting the construction of the next building. Building D will be opened in the fourth quarter of 2013. Project Manager Robert Kowalski, speaking during the opening of building C, describes the course of the construction: Currently, there are works in progress on the third reinforced concrete storey. We are predicting that this stage of the investment will end in April. Building D will offer 9,500 m2 of lease space, 83 parking spaces in an underground lot and additional overground spaces for the guests.

Sarolta Csikós, Regional Leasing Director of TriGranit Development Corporation lifts the veil of secrecy about the company’s plans after finishing building D: In the future, our next step will be creating 50,000 m2 of additional modern space in the neighbourhood. Robert Kowalski completes: We are planning the construction of six buildings.

The investors

TriGranit Development Corporation company and IPR Group are responsible for the realisation of Bonarka for Business complex. TriGranit is the fourth biggest developing company in Central and Eastern Europe, founded in 1997. Its first investment in Poland was Silesia City Center complex in Katowice. IPR Group is a group of developing companies, working in Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Germany and Cyprus. The group has reached high technical competence in liquidation of damages and adaptation of area.

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