20 years of Pazim Business Centre

Office complex Pazim
One of the first skyscrapers in Poland, located on Plac Rodła in Szczecin, is now 20 years old.

The biggest building in the city, combining office, hotel and service centres. Every Szczecin citizen will recognise this 83-metres tall object with a 30-metres aerial mast. A work of Polsteam (Polska Żegluga Morska) is a symbol of enterprise and an impulse for the development of commercial and banking centre around Plac Rodła.

Mister of Szczecin

Centrum Pazim was opened for use in 1992. The building was awarded in  „20lat RP.PL” contest in the category of “an object – buildings/creations, which changed the most our little homelands”. In 1996 it became the „Mister of Szczecin”. It was also awarded by Kurier Szczeciński newspaper in the plebiscite „The building for the 50th anniversary of Polish Szczecin”, in the category of public utility objects. Centrum Pazim was also appreciated by Kronika Szczecińska – its image is the background for the TV edition. From above it looks like a ship. Until today it is perceived as one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in Poland – says Tamara Puszkin-Dworska, Head of the Office Lease Department in Pazim Sp. z o.o.

For every tenant

Centrum Pazim turns out to be useful both for the individual clients and the institutions. Here the offices have, for example, banks and insurance companies, a post office, a delivery service company, cafés, a nightclub, Baltica Wellness & Spa and Unity Travel travel agency. The building is interconnected with Radisson Blu hotel. Pazim provides the companies optimum conditions for their activities by leasing office space and providing optimum conditions for their work – informs Tamara Puszkin-Dworska.

The building offers in total 23,155 m2, including 14,852 m2 of office space located on 22 overground storeys and two underground. The tenants can use 350 parking spaces. The offices have modern telephone infrastructure and Internet access. The users can be sure they are protected – the object is secured 24 hours a day, there is also a possibility of monitoring chosen space. To provide more comfort, the reception is working twenty-four hours, which allows for the access to offices at any time.

The building is located right in the centre of Szczecin. As Tamara Puszkin-Dworska says: the localisation allows a good access, the proximity of the most important offices of city, voivodeship and country authorities. In the neighbourhood there are bus stations, allowing for a good communication with the rest of the city.

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