Modern Traffic Control Centre in Gliwice

Redecorated Traffic Control Centre in Gliwice
Traffic Control Centre visualisation/ Silesiaarchitects
A modern unit which helps to improve the traffic in Gliwice has been built for 17 million zlotys.

The modern Traffic Control Centre, a part of City Roads Management is located at 31 Płowiecka Street in Gliwice. The cost of the reparation, adaptation and equipping the existing building with appliances and systems was 17 million zlotys. 10 million was covered by the City, the rest by European Union funds within the project entitled “The development of detection system in Gliwice, and modernization of traffic lights, stage I,” operation 8.3. “The development of intelligent transport systems priority VIII: transportation safety and national transport networks; Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013.”

The redecorated building offers 1.500 sqm of office space. The object is divided into four zones which are distinguished by different colours. Such a system will help suppliants find their bearings in the building.

The object, in which Traffic Control Centre is located, is equipped with the array of security and monitoring systems. Among others, a fire prevention system (OxyReduct) which keeps the oxygen level in a room continuously low. Uninterrupted work of the TCC is ensured by a multi-level system of emergency power supply based on UPS devices and a power generator. Moreover, the building is equipped with the state-of-the-art system of solar cells which transform the sunlight into energy. It is the first installation of this type in a public facility in Gliwice.

As Jadwiga Jagiełło-Stiborska, a spokesperson of the ZDM informs: The Traffic Control Centre will be started in the middle of 2013. The project has won a lot of awards, during I Transport Innovations Forum organized by the Transport and Infrastructure Analyses Centre Foundation (CATI) and Polish Staff Promotion Foundation among others. The project “The development of detection system in Gliwice and modernization of traffic lights; stage I,” has won the first place in “technology” category. Additionally, it has won a special award for creating possibilities of employment for carers of disabled children and people professionally excluded because of 24-hour care. They are called the mobile traffic analysts, and will be responsible for surveillance and quick detection of possible accident, as well as reporting the accident to Main Traffic Engineer and calling the emergency services when needed.

The aim of the project is to improve the traffic control in the city. The new A4 and A1 motorways passing the city have created the need for such a project. Increased transit through the city, during possible obstacles on the motorways, has a crucial influence on situations on roads. Introducing the automatic and dynamic system of traffic control in Gliwice will assure the increase of capacity on the key city roads, will improve safety, and shorten the time of transit which  will substantially decrease car transport costs and help protecting the environment – says Jadwiga Jagiełło-Stiborska.

Within the framework of the project, the Inteligent Transport System (ITS) is being created. The system elaborated for Gliwice is a cutting-edge solution based on dynamic-automatic mechanism assisted by our traffic analysts who define sudden and single accidents. The Main Traffic Engineer is the one who eventually confirms and introduces changes in coordination – explains Jadwiga Jagiełło-Stiborska. At present, works on introducing the system are completed in 70-80 %.

The general contractorc of the redecoration and adaptation of the object were ML System spółka z o.o. from Rzeszow and Przedsiębiorstwo Remontów Ulic i Mostów from Gliwice.

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