A couple of words about office trends.

Broadway Malyan office arranged by Interbiuro, photo by Y. Hristov
Broadway Malyan office arranged by Interbiuro, photo by Y. Hristov
The purchase or lease of an office surface denotes the necessity of its optimal arangement. What kinds of trends currently dominate among the interior designers?

It seems difficult to choose and discuss several, currently leading trends related to interior arrangements. That is because of numerousness, unsteadiness and of course different needs of its tenants. However, as the architect from Interbiuro Anna Wnuk says, In an interior office design we can discern permanent changes, that took place in the workplace design. Let's take a closer look.

The most crucial change and current trend is the space organization in the open-space system. This solution sets the lack of equivocally divided work area and corridors. Another commonly applied solution is multifunction conference and training rooms with mobile walls. It allows for a spacial adjustment, thanks to which it optimizes the spacial usage. It also caused that the space is more “flexible” and adjusted to the needs of particular tenants. Of course each solution has its opponents, who believe that such a spacial planning can be disturbing and can decrease concentration of employees and limit their privacy.

Along with the comfort and user's integration, the need of joint workplaces is becoming more popular. The rest areas, with a table football, gives an opportunity to strengthen the ties of the employees not only in huge corporations. Designers and investors often equip their office buildings with expanded surfaces that are comfortable to the tenants. In modern office buildings we can find not only a cafeteria but also more often the kindergartens, gyms or medical centers, states Anna Wnuk.

The architecture of interiors often repeats or alludes certain forms, materials or the exterior of the building, creating concise unity, or can purposely question what one can find outside by creating separate world, says Anna Wnuk. It is very possible that form many office interiors, in which dominates white color, currently created projects have become a natural inspiration – Business Garden, which belongs to SwedeCenter and Plac Unii, developed by Liebrecht & wooD BBI Development, both located in Warsaw. Although one can say the white interior trend came from Scandinavia long time ago.

What are the advantages of such color? It is universal and regardless current trends, it is always fashionable. It can constitute an excellent background for various colors. Combining colors like: gray, white and other stronger colors, for example, orange – it has recently become very common. Undoubtedly white interiors optically enlarge office space, especially low one.

Interbiuro studio has arranged the office spaced for GrECo company, which headquarters is in Crown Point office building in Warsaw. Anna Wnuk was the leading architect – In the office of GrECo, in the reception area and the conference room three types of gray color were assembled on the floors. In addition, so-called “coffee paths” were installed in the most busy places. In the reception area the checker pattern is spread onto the wall, with LED-illuminated company's logo. Thanks to this measure, were were able to enrich the colors in the office. The whole reception interior created for GrECo was equipped by the furnitures - custom-made, glossy-white reception desk and black Barcelona Couch   ®.  

Apart from certain surface arrangement and the applied colors, it is the equipment which is the most important. Currently the offices are equipped with simple, elegant furnitures which blend in the background. The colors of the furnitures in GrECo office, in the kitchen – with the orange chairs or in the open-space area, are well adjusted to the office space. The employees have access to a spacial and functional office, which provided the work comfort.

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