The most amazing corporation buildings in the world

Aldar Headquarters, copyright by Michael Merola
The taller, the bigger, the more amazing, the better... More and more companies from all over the world invest millions to create an imposing location, which will express their name through means of architecture.

Experts from the website, an international database of building sector, gathered the most dazzling company locations from all over the world. The considered innovative design, a visual impression made by the object and functions of the architectonic solutions used.

Big companies, such as oil sector giant Petronas or Bank of China, use the imposing impression made by their skyscrapers to stress their economic power. Petronas Tower, 452 metres tall, was, until 2004, the tallest building in the world. Bank of China Tower, 367 metres tall, also is one of the tallest company localisations.

There are some companies whose building’s architecture resembles their most important products made bigger. An example can be BMW place in Munich or facade of adidas LACES, an object finished in 2011.

Leading architects, working with that type of projects, should also be noted. For example, Foster + Partners have in their portfolio such projects as The Bow, designed for Canadian power industry company, EnCana. Currently the studio has undertaken designing a new Apple place in Silicon Valley.

According to Emporis, the most imposing buildings are:
- The Bow, belonging to EnCana company, located in Calgary, Canada. The building is  236 metres tall and was built in 2012.
- BMW Building, property of BMW, located in Munich, 101 metres tall, opened for use in 1972.
- BMW Welt, also a BMW place in Munich, 19 metres tall and finished in 2007.
- The Lloyd's Building, residence of Lloyd's of London, in London, 95 metres tall, created in 1986.
- Hearst Tower, belonging to Hearts Corporation, located in New York, 182 metres tall and finished in 2006.
- Gazprom, a place of the company with the same name, located in Moscow, 151 metres tall and created in 1994.
- Tour CMA CGM, belonging to CMA CMG company, an object 143 metres tall located in Marseille and finished in 2010.
- Aldar Headquarters, residence of Aldar Properties, located in the city of Abu Dhabi, built in 2010 and 110 metres tall.
- Bank of China Tower, building of the Bank of China in Hong Kong, 367 metres tall and created in 1990.
- Riviera TwinStar Square in Shanghai, residence of ABC Bank und CCB Bank, having two towers, both 216 metres tall, created in 2011.

Emporis experts also mention Samsung’s Jong-ro Tower, ING House, residence of ING Group, previously mentioned Petronas Towers and adidas LACER, General Motors Renaissance Center, belonging, of course, to General Motors and Torre Mare Nostrum, building of GasNatural fenosa.

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