Current trends in the organisation of office space

Arrangement of office space according to the design of Mikomax Smart Office
Currently on the market there are some changes, springing from the fact that you have to adjust to a new way of working. The way of managing the company, work, expenses for work trips and transport is changing. Working environment is in the state of continuous evolution.

Why the changes?

Changes in the field of technology, development of globalisation of production and services, demographic changes – these are the basic factors influencing new on our market approach to the organisation of workspace.
Working environment is in the state of continuous evolution. The companies back their competitiveness on the market by building an attractive image not only as a supplier of products and services. Another crucial image is that of an employer, who understands the needs and expectations of the employees, which are determined not only by the kind of work they are doing, but also their place of residence, age and lifestyle.

Different ways to achieve the goal

The result of the work done is, of course, the effect. It can be achieved by working in different places – in the company or outside it, in different conditions: open space, conference room or even a home. Time of the day can also be diversified, if it is a part of organisation culture of the company. From our experience we know how much do the employees value a choice. It affects positively the effects of the work and the loyalty to the employer – says Anna Mikołajczyk, CEO of Mikomax Smart Office company.

What is good for the future?

Responsible approach to the office space is a distinguishing feature, which will affect the quality and competitiveness of the company. It is important to subordinate the functions of office space to the type of the tasks and the character of the work done. What else is important? Creating zones and areas backing the employees, so that they will intuitively choose these spaces, which will help them do individual and group tasks in a natural way – answers Anna Mikołajczyk.

What is trendy?

A conviction, that there is always time for change and that it is profitable to invest in modern office space solutions is currently the best way to arranging office space. We believe, that a well-designed office influences the employees’ mood, and, by consequence, the effects of their work. It builds a positive image of the company on a competitive market. Professional space design optimises the costs, so it is a profitable investment – sums up the CEO of Mikomax Smart Office.

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