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Skanska Office in Washington
Skanska Office in Washington
Nowadays, changes occur not only in the area of culture, organization and the ways of work, but also in the arrangement of office space. How will Polish offices of the future look like?

Company's office space serves not only for work, but also as its representation. A proper arrangement emphasizes prestige and firm's position on the market. They are also very attractive for skilled employees, especially from Y generation.

Modern companies are aware that an office sends a certain message outside, including its philosophy and specialisation. Currently, the company's seat is an integral element of its identity. There's no doubt, that Google and Apple's ideologies would not be visible from the outside of, for example, accountant's office. If that's so, how should the space arrangement be adjusted to market's contemporary requirements? Which trends are up in terms of office design?

The times when companies thought about their offices only in terms of places for doing business are long gone – comments Arkadiusz Rudzki, head of real estate value department in Skanska Property Poland. Both property developers and companies looking for a new seat, more and more often choose interesting and original solutions, which will not only make them stand in the competition but will also make their workers and business partners feel comfortable. The aim is to provide a good atmosphere for effective work and creating interpersonal relations. That's why in our projects we try to create a space in which it will not only fun to work, but also take a brake and have a talk in a less formal environment – adds.

Health is what matters

An important characteristic of modern office spaces is the healthy environment, which can be provided by adequate air-conditioning, ventilation or humidification systems. Employers require for the rented buildings to be comfortable and adjusted to the workplace. These benefit the workers' efficiency and decrease the number of sick-leaves.

Health is also connected with the possibility of rest and relax also in the workplace. Rooms in which can wind off are becoming a huge advantage of modern office buildings. They are usually equipped with comfortable ottomans, swings, live trees and other solutions giving the employees a chance for recreation. Leading in this area are the seats of international giants as, for example, Infosys's office in Bangalore includes a bowling alley and Facebook's in Palo Alto provides a games room. Such trends are steadily coming to Poland as well. In Łódź located office building Green Horizon, Infosys has created a relax room equipped with colourful hammocks. One cannot forget about other attractions outside the building such as green patios, gardens on the rooftop and terraces.

New ways for work and meetings

Along with the changes in the ways of working, certain adaptations connected with office space are also required. Although meetings in conference halls equipped in so called spiders and squids are popular, a less formal atmosphere connected with meetings on couches and by coffee tables can be seen increasingly often. It helps in creation of more personal ties with client or business partner as well as the team's integration.

Changes in office arrangement is connected also with the optimization of costs. Its example are so called hot desks. Due to the fact that in consulting companies the average weekly attendance of staff is only 70 % (as the rest are usually on meetings and business trips), strictly ascribed to employees desks losing the confrontation with 'innovative office' set according to which the most mobile employees don't have one specific workplace but sit wherever they see a free spot. Space saved with this set can be adapted for additional rooms.


Another new trend is the so called 'placemaking'. It's primary goal is to create an inviting workplace, facilitating creativity and effectiveness. Thoughtfully arranged workplaces along with their surroundings connecting the elements of career and private life benefit the employee's disposition and inspire and encourage to work. Above all they facilitate the creation of adequate relations with clients, local community, and other employees – explains Devin Saylor, head of balanced development department in Skanska Commercial Development Europe.

In modern office buildings one can quite often find heavens full of plants and climate in which one can easily take a moment to sit and relax. Although many of the ideas described above are still a distinct future for Polish companies, one can easily predict that in future the entrepreneurs will be more than willing to 'make places' more comfortable and employee oriented.

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