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Green wall in the office of ARS studio
New space provides intimate and domestic atmosphere…
How did architects from ARS Retail+Shopfitting studio design work space for themselves?

ARS company, specialized in design and arrangement of commercial space, finished its removal to a new office located in the first of ten planned buildings of The Park complex in Warsaw. The work on preparation of the arrangement project of space was coordinated by Katarzyna Domosławska, who was also responsible for the selection of materials, functional solutions and elements of the office’s fittings. Construction works, in turn, were supervised by Piotr Sowala.


First and foremost, the architects wanted to create space which provides on the one hand intimate and domestic atmosphere, and on the other – favors works, the professional and modern ones. Thus, they decided to use materials, furniture and equipment which are in untypical forms for offices. Upholstered furniture, warm lighting and wall with green plants were chosen. In the functional arrangement of ARS office, the designers wanted to maximally use the asset of glass elevation of the office. We wanted the functional arrangement of a new office to combine readability with intuitiveness and simultaneously we wanted it to give a possibility of change of the arrangement in case of increasing the team – points out Katarzyna Domosławska, ARS architect.


Office + showroom


The combination of office space with a showroom, area which is intended for exhibitions, the finishing of which may be easily modified, is an important element of the project. The architects used here grey floors which remind three-dimensional design of mosaics. The natural background, in turn, favors exhibitions of the newest trends in design and pattern-designing. The first opening of the showroom shows i.a. Xal lighting systems, desk created in cooperation with Lorens&Lorens studio and author project of a lamp which uses technology of a non-flammable Honeycomb material of Chenel company, which is specialized in production of paper to different applications.


The removal to the new headquarters coincided with the tenth anniversary of the ARS Retail+Shopfitting commencement date. New registered office gives us new possibilities of development. In the nearest future, we want to exceed shopfitting competences and engage in i.a. complex revitalizations and repositioning of office and commercial structures, as it was in case of our realization in C.H. Borek in Wrocław – points out Łukasz Derlacki, CEO ARS.


ARS Retail+Shopfitting is a deliverer of shopfitting services. The company is specialized in design and arrangement of commercial as well as office space and revitalization of shopping malls. The studio manages the organization and supervision of construction works. In its competences there is also consulting within selection of a location and negotiations of agreements.

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