Higher minimal consideration

Pic by foter.com
Pic by foter.com
The amount of minimal consideration of an employee hired on a full-time monthly basis will increase from 1th January 2014.

Together with the beginning of the new year, monthly consideration will not be lower than 1750 zlotys gross, while currently the minimal consideration totals 1680 zlotys. Thus the minimal salary increases by 70 zlotys, that is 4,2 per cent. The amount of 1750 zlotys is indicated in the ordinance of the Cabinet from 11th September 2014 on the amount of minimal consideration for work in 2015 (Dz. U. poz. 1220).


According to Article 6 Ust. 2 from 10th October 2002 on minimal consideration for work (Dz. U. Nr 200, poz. 1679, with later changer), the amount of employee’s consideration in the period of his first year of work cannot be lower than 80 per cent of the amount of minimal consideration for work, that is it must amount at least 1400 zlotys (gross) in 2015.


In accordance with the minimal consideration act, the salary is established in such a way that its average amount in a certain year increases but not less than envisaged price indicator for a particular year. The increase of minimal consideration on a proper level depends on many other factors, also on a correct judgment of the GDP growth by the government. The amount of minimal salary translates, in turn, into another payments – the amount of ZUS contributions or public nursery school charge.


We should remind that the minimal contribution increased by “statutory” 88 zlotys on 1th January 2014.

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