ECO Active ceiling systems to regulate temperature


ASTORIA thermal technology, which is applied in the building, enables the usage of a full heating and cooling potential of the structure.

STRABAG Real Estate GmbH (SRE) partnership is realizing a new office and commercial ASTORIA structure in the center of Warsaw. It will be equipped with modern and energy-saving solutions, including intelligent systems of active ceilings to regulate temperature (Concrete Core Tempering).


Thermal technology enables usage of full heating and cooling potential in a certain structure. The concrete plates have the ability of accumulating heat, which may be used in a practical way and thanks to pipes laid on them, in which the water flows, they become actively thermal areas. In summer, the heat energy is accumulated during a day and returned at night and the other way round. The cooling energy, in turn, is accumulated at night and returned during a day. Therefore, the system enables a soft and draft-free air conditioning. In winter, the concrete mass is used to return the heat.


The great ability of a concrete to accumulate the heat energy was used at planning ASTORIA building. CCT technology is favorable in a moment when there is a demand for heat and cool, that is mainly in office and administrative buildings. The fact that regulation of a thermal ceiling is caused by a self-regulation effect has a positive influence on investment and exploitation costs. Therefore, the outlay on a regulation technique if considerable reduced.


The great heat load in offices results in occurrence of some problems in the area of climatic conditions of rooms in summer months. The high strength concerning movement of people, heat loads resulting from lighting and devices as well as heat energy delivered by exposed to the sun’s rays and glazed elements of the buildings case addition growth in heat and expansive exploitation costs concerning the installation of full air conditioning.      


Moreover, well-being, physical and intellectual efficiency as well as health of people staying in a building are dependent on clime of a room. According to analyses, the usage of CCT technology in the building may provide even 20-times lower consumption of energy and from 40-70 per cent lower exploitation costs due to traditional cooling systems as well as great comfort of employees (lack of drafts, setting a temperature in a certain room to individual tastes, low possibility of failures in cooling and heating systems).   


The total area in ASTORIA building amounts to 28 000 sq. m. The structure is being realized between business center and the Old City and it will offer nearly 17 000 sq. m of office area and 1400 sq. m of commercial area. SRE is realizing the investment in accordance with sustainable development conditions and requirements of LEED certification on Gold level. 

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