Under control, that is modern safety systems


The access to the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation is secured by a gate situated at the entrance to the building
The access control system provides the safety not only to employees in a given structure or equipment but also gathered data and information
The science should not be only an empty phrase or „art for art's sake”. Such a headword motivates the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation, an institution which is aimed at commercialization of science and its combination with business – as two parallel fields.

However, in order to enable a harmonious cooperation of these both fields, it is necessary to think about modern safety systems – concerning employees, possessions and data.


Life Science Park is a complex of three modern laboratory and office buildings functioning on the area of JCI. Each detail of the project as well as equipment was selected in order to create optimal conditions for development of natural science. Life Science Park is a place in which unconventional ideas are generated in the area of innovative and generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices and modern research services; such fields as i.a. biotechnology, biomedicine, nanotechnology and preservation of environment are being developed here. Among tenants there are companies from the area of life science, such as Selvita S.A., Miracculum, Bioscence or F1Pharma. Moreover, autoimmune diseases are examined in the structure, new medicines which are introduced on the market are tested here and the newest formula of beauty preparations are devised.  


Life-science business is based on highly specialized equipment, innovative devices and appliances. Therefore, the equipment of a laboratory or an office is related to a very high financial outlay. The capital of companies functioning in this field includes not only a technical equipment but also a gained knowledge, data and information directly connected with the area of research. The priority in this kind of structures are developed and effective safety programs integrated with systems of building automatic control responsible for management of all processes in the structure.  


First of all: access control system


On which a system applied with Life Science Park is based? The access control system includes over 200 rooms, to which the access is authorized with the use of a proximity card or a fingerprint – says Piotr Opałacz, director of integration projects from Unicard company, which is responsible for the design of safety system in the structure as well as its performance. The entrance to the building and garage gate on the area of the park were also secured. Interestingly, the gate is to be opened only in a situation when it recognizes a registration number of a vehicle. Moreover, the whole structure is monitored – a picture from 118 cameras is displayed on a monitor wall made from four 46-inch frameless screens. Furthermore, a control panel situated in the room with monitoring is responsible for controlling of bars, gates, access control and even water fountain.


The benefits from implementing safety systems are obvious. The integration of systems enables a mutual cooperation – explains Piotr Opałacz. It translates itself into increase in safety and shortening of a response time in case of possible dangers. Access control, housebreaking and attack systems provide the access to certain zones only to eligible people. If unfitted person tries to get into a protected zone, above systems will detect it and the integration platform will record a material from a camera assigned to a certain event. The operator has to browse a material from the whole day. The interesting information from all systems will be assigned to a concrete alarm event in the integration platform. Moreover, the situation is similarly in case of a fire hazard. The system which signalizes a fire detects it and makes an announcement through all speakers in the building with the operational instruction and the security receives the picture from the camera automatically which includes a danger zone. Furthermore, there is a screenshot with a marked danger point and proposition of evacuation routes on a monitor which visualizes the building – tells director of integration projects in Unicard company. 


In Life Science Park, certain points and elements of the system are connected with each other as well as with the central office by a separated LAN network created on the basis of 16-kilometer structural wiring. The autonomic power supply unit with battery modules causes that the work may be continued even in case of a failure of the power supply in the structure. Except for this, Life Science Park was equipped with over 40 access-points guaranteeing Wi-Fi range in each room, also on the roof, in garages and outside, between buildings.


Interestingly, even though such solutions are very advanced technologically and seem to function mainly in areas related to development of science – they are more and more often applied in structures used for other purposes. We are observing a trend which shows that systems from the area of SMS (Security Management System) are applied in a greater number of offices – says Piotr Opałacz. At the moment, it is difficult to imagine a newly built high class office which is not equipped with such kind of securities. Moreover, it results from the increasing awareness of investors and managers who realize how they can use it. This trend is also determined by tenants. The corporation standards require from the building the proper safety systems – he continues. We may be sure that advanced safety system – if it does not constitute now – it will become an indicator of attractiveness of a given location and factor which will certainly attract potential tenants of office areas.


We encourage all interested to watch a reportage concerning implementation of a safety system in JCI: 


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