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View at Wawel from the observation deck in Cracow, pic Jakub Hałun (Creative Commons)
ASCO SA office, pic Mikołaj Katus
The boom on the office market in the capital of Little Poland contributes to competitiveness between developers. Which strategy should be adopted by them in order to distinguish their investments against others?

The office market in Cracow is currently experiencing a real boom. At present, many new investments are being under construction in different parts of the city. According to the report conducted by consulting company Colliers International and Advisory Group TEST Human Resources „Southern Poland | Prospects for business services”, over 150 000 sq. m of office areas in Cracow were in the realization phase in the third quarter of 2015, and investors are still planning commencement of other projects. Cracow is developing. There are more and more public utility and office structures at the proper civilization stage – says Ph. D., Sc. D. Rafał Barycz, Barycz and Saramowicz architectural studio.


Development of the office market in the capital of Little Poland contributes to the increasing competitiveness between developers, especially in the case of newly realized offices and investments in the realization phase. In large part, these are or these will be buildings equipped with the most newest technological solutions. The saturation of buildings in advanced teletechnical networks, HVACR installations and other technical instruments on the demanding market of office areas constitutes a civilizational standard, however, it is not enough to attract a looked-for customer – emphasizes the expert. Therefore, what else can be done by developers so that they could distinguish themselves against others?


Maybe an attractive location? However, this term may concern a city center as well as its suburbs that are well-communicated with the rest of the city. The first option is chosen by companies for which the prestige is important, whereas the second one – by organizations that need big office areas which are offered almost by all complexes located in the suburbs. In Cracow there are many attractive areas from the point of view of a tenant, not necessarily in the strict city center. The revitalized Zabłocie district, the developing Ruczaj or Czyżyny with a huge potential – these are only some of the examples. If it is not technology or location, maybe competitive rent rates will allow to gain the advantage over other structures?


Certainly yes. However, there will be some exception to the rule. There are many companies on the market which are willing to pay more for the lease of office areas due to e.g. prestige of a certain place or presence of green solutions applied in offices and confirmed by the LEED or BREEAM certificates. It is exactly this aspect – ecological certificates – that is often taken into account by companies searching for locations for their headquarters. There are more and more investments in the certification process or with a received certificate on the Cracow market – it constitutes evidence that developers respond to the needs of the market.


If the rent rates are not particularly a good way for distinguishing among competitors, then what is? The answer is simple – original architecture. Nowadays, the number of investment companies which are aware that architecture is an offensive market instrument is still increasing – says Ph. D., Sc. D. Rafał Barycz. The best offices are to be characterized by a refined and extraordinary form of architecture which is becoming a kind of architectural marketing, and building – an emblem constituting an economic growth of the investor – adds Barycz. The example of such an approach is ASCO SA, whose project was devised in Barycz and Saramowicz architectural studio. Its simple and modern look was gained thanks to applied materials. The elevation of the building was performed with the use of smooth horizontal and ceramic elevation plates which were used by Renzo Piano during realization of the famous Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The synthetized image of the edifice, which is to have an influence on the environment by its modern architecture, was performed by placing big screens on its façade.


It is worth mentioning that the architecture is as important as the issue of providing proper comfort and hygiene of mental work, e.g. ergonomics of space, good lightening, atmosphere in interiors or beautiful views. Moreover, flexibility of the building’s plan and possibility of freely shaping of office areas play a big role for tenants due to the needs of the modern economy – adds the experts.


The combination of original architecture of the office with modern technological solutions as well as comfortable and flexible areas constitutes a perfect solution for distinguishing against competitors. According to the investors and designers of the edifice – modern aesthetically and technically refined structures constitute the future of the market of office structures in Cracow – sums up Ph. D., Sc. D. Rafał Barycz.

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