Entrance zone – business card of your office


Project of entrance zone in the office
Project of entrance zone in office
Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to entrance zones in offices, whereas modern trends in architecture and arrangement give designers a broad range of possibilities.

Just as an entrance is the best business card of every house, the entrance zone performs similar task in case of offices. It is what welcomes employees and guests who come to the office and what constitutes a promise of what we can expect inside. No wonder that it is a kind of space where designers care about the smallest detail. Creation of proper entrance zone is a very big challenge, especially when it is prepared in a building where several tenants – often companies with a different profile of business activity – are to open their offices. Thus, the zone inviting people to enter the building should be neutral.


Greater possibilities in the area of arrangement are offered by companies which totally rent the space in an office building or realize an office for their own needs and the entrance zone may be designed in such a way to fully reflect the profile of a business activity. Thus, coloring referring to a logotype or taints recognizable for clients can be easily used while arranging entrance zone. Moreover, tenants can be also inspired by the style of interior arrangement which is the best for the specifics of their enterprise. Decoration of interiors in entrance zone depends mainly on its location. Its appearance will depend on whether it is a general zone for the whole office building or other structure of public utility, or whether it is dedicated for one tenant in a given building. It is a crucial element of image in a certain structure and it should be consistent with its character – comments Agnieszka Król-Montoya, Architect of Interbiuro Sp. z o.o.


While designing entrance zone, one cannot forget that it should be a business card with a positive impact on clients and guests. It is supposed to invite people to the interior – and not to overwhelm them.


At present, tendencies in design are directed at bright interiors with lots of greenery and geometric elements on walls or reception counters. If we decide on a ligniform lining, it will be probably veneer made from light species of trees as well as glass in white or grey colors. Concrete lining arouses great interest right now, because it gives interiors more raw character – explains Agnieszka Król-Montoya. A big emphasis is also put on elements of furniture in the form of a characteristic reception counter with an individually designed form and fashionable complementary furniture in relaxation zone. These two elements are factors which distinguish a given entrance zone from others, and – in proper matching – they constitute of recognizability of particular structures and office premises – adds Król-Montoya.


An extremely important role in the process of designing and arranging entrance zone is performed by lighting. Thanks to modern lighting systems, certain elements of interiors can be easily emphasized, for instance, reception counter or information boards. Additionally, properly brightened room has a positive impact on feelings of people entering our office. 


The newest trends in architecture of office structures make that these days it is a standard to pay a special attention to entrance zone in offices – frequently these are areas realized with a flourish. Big areas of entrance zones constitute the field clear to interior designers. Entrance zones in modern offices are characterized by spaciousness, which is gained not only by size but also by applied materials. Glass, stone, big glazing or shining floors escalate this effect. Among the newest trends, the oval shapes are definitely dominant, e.g. in the case of reception counters, sofas or accessories such as elements of lighting.


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