Industrial headquarters of IT.integro


A new office of IT.integro, the arrangement of which refers to the profile of organization, is characterized by simplicity and industrial character.

An office of IT.integro is situated at Ząbkowicka 12 Street in Poznan Grunwald, the part of which is located in a newly opened office. Its building started in March last year and almost a year later – in the half of February – was held an official opening of the building. The office was joined with the structure which was built in the 80s. The project of the new part of the structure was devised in Bieńkowscy Architectural Studio whereas Kazimierz Kayu Fasiecki of Aretus was responsible for arrangement of interiors.  


Arrangement of office space refers to the profile of company. IT.integro has been implementing ERP systems for 20 years and 90 per cent of its employees are men, mainly scientific minds. In result, aesthetic and simple in form interiors characterized by industrial character were created in the office. A crucial element of the arrangement is economy when it comes to media, transparency and multifunctionality. Properly designed office space should favor effective work and help in realization of set goals. In a nutshell, it should be adjusted to their needs. By providing proper comfort of work, we guarantee achievement of real profits for companies, both tangible and intangible. Convenient and comfortable interiors mean higher efficiency, creativity and engagement of our employees – comments Piotr Śledź, Chairman of the Board of IT.integro.

Glass in the foreground

Glass definitely dominates in premises and it is present in conference rooms, offices and on the staircase. This material in combination with concrete, steel and wood makes that the building gains industrial character. Open space office is located on the first floor of the building, where customer service and sales departments are located. That area was designed in such a way to be effective, convenient and functional. Additionally, working places and places for meetings and relaxation were created on open space. For that purpose, zone with convenient, backrest sofas and acoustic panels guaranteeing privacy were divided. The zone is perfect for telephone conversations or unofficial meetings with employees of different departments.  


Moreover, 3 conference rooms designed for organization of training courses for partners and clients, as well as meetings, presentations, conferences and videoconferences were created in the new part of the structure. The most cozy place in the office, that is dining room is also located in the new headquarters and it is intended for informal meetings. The interior of this room is decorated by brick in combination with hundred-year-old balks of wood. Steel, industrial lightening and furniture provide loft atmosphere.


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