Freeze Your Glass Pane!

Ikonos frozen foil - pattern: lines (pic Główka Pracuje)
Ikonos frozen foil - pattern: lines (pic Główka Pracuje)
We often reminisce winter days during the summer heat. These winter days when you can hear the snow crunching under your boots and when the windows are covered with ice crystals. It is a great masterpiece of Mother Nature! Guess what! You do not have to wait for temperatures below zero any more!


How to deal with it?

While deciding on this effect in your house, you can buy a foil sold by the meter (ca. 40zl/running meter). Before the set-up, you should measure the space and cut the foil. Then, wash the windowpane very carefully, wipe it dry and spray it with an installation fluid. You should then disjoin the foil from the protective layer and apply it from the middle of the pane. Next, smooth the foil on the remaining surface very carefully and take the bubbles out of the edges with the use of a doctor blade. In order to avoid scraping at the final stage, it is worth spraying the outer side of the foil. As you can see, the set-up is not very complicated, however, it requires great precision and it is recommended to commission this task to experienced do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

In case of office panes, we often choose untypical shapes or writings. These cannot be cut out manually when they are supposed to be perfectly flat, therefore, a plotter is needed. When every letter constitutes a separate element, it is extremely difficult to stick them in a perfectly straight line at maintenance of equal spaces, not to mention their proper placing on a big glazed area. It requires both long experience and professional technique. Unfortunately, not everyone can have these skills, thus it is much faster and safer to commission this task to an expert. We should be careful while choosing a company because not everyone can call themselves a professional. What is more, we should also remember that a larger company does not always equal better quality. Such companies often have a lot of commissions and limited time, thus “unskilled workmanship” occurs and client is left alone with this problem. First and foremost, it is recommended to look around and examine the portfolio of executors very thoroughly.



Frozen foil:

  • very satisfying material with a wide range of applications;
  • design indoor and outdoor solution;
  • good price, durability, comfort and elegance;
  • easy application at home and free removal in any time;
  • professional set-up in office space – rely on experts (for instance, Główka Pracuje).


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