Comfort and Aesthetics

ReflexSun - Screen Shades, Refleksols
On bright sunny days, glazed offices are usually preheated and thus they are no longer comfortable work places. Can we benefit from such a solution as shades while taking care about the aesthetics of our interiors and arrange the office in compliance with the newest trends?

Modern office interiors should combine comfort with functionality and elegant look. The first impression of your clients is of great importance as this constitutes an element of company’s image as a business partner. Unfortunately, hot and sunny days can easily ruin this impression. Glazed office buildings turn into “preheated traps” during hot days, especially if there is no air conditioning. Undoubtedly, any meeting can be comfortable in such place.

In order to avoid preheated interiors, companies benefit from different kinds of sunshades. The most popular solution are aesthetic shades such as screen shades (refleksols) in respect of the newest trends in office interior design. Thanks to their construction, they absorb heat energy and sunrays. Interiors are then cool and shadowy and they become a perfect place for business meetings.

Nowadays, a comfortable and elegant office can be easily arranged with the use of blinds. The screen blinds with proper colors allow to design your interior in compliance with business classics. While choosing blinds out of a broad range of colors, we can adjust them to the coloring of our interior so that they could tone in with other decorative elements.

What is more, a discrete way of assembly (in an aesthetic window cassette) makes that shades do not strike the eye and, if necessary, they perfectly accomplish their tasks. Thanks to these features, refleksols are a perfect tool for building a business image of professional and mature company which cares about aesthetics of the surroundings.

Hence, if we want to protect our office against overheating, we do not have to resign from its aesthetics. We are able to create a comfortable work place with the use of elegant shades; a work place which is functional and delights with its look.


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