Paper Towels or Hand-Dryers? Choose Wisely!

What’s the best way to dry your hands in a public toilet? What product should be used in a bathroom with intense traffic? These are important matters while designing a toilet in a restaurant, hotel, or office building.

Drying your hands properly is just as important as washing them properly. Germs proliferate on wet hands much easier and quicker. Reading this article will allow you to make a conscious decision.



When we choose a hand towel, we can be sure that guests will certainly dry their hands faster than with the use of a hand dryer. A hand dryer allows us to serve only one person simultaneously and drying hands takes at least 10 seconds. A hand towel allows us to dry hands in only 3 seconds! Traffic is smaller and, most importantly, this solution saves time. When one guest dries their hands, the other can take a towel from a dispenser.



In comparison to other solutions, a hand drier increases the risk of contaminating toilets by spreading bacteria into the air. These devices spray 10 times more germs and bacteria into the air, comparing to other drying systems. Hand driers are therefore more often replaced with a much more hygienic solution – a disposable hand towel. It's touched only and exclusively by a person who uses them. Germs and worn towels are placed where they belong – into the bin.


Comfort of Use

Electric hand driers generate noise that often disturbs other people who are currently in the bathroom. This solution has a narrow scope of use; it only helps to dry hands. We don’t dry our face, correct make-up, remove a stain from shoes, a blouse or t-shirt, help our children to dry or clean their snotty nose. Toilets are multi-use right now; we do many things in the bathroom, e.g. take care of our looks or refresh during a long journey. When toilets are equipped with towels rather than other drying systems, much more needs are satisfied in places of intense traffic. A wide choice of dispensers has an impact on the comfort of use and allows us to adjust them to every type of bathroom. Dispensers are easy in use and don’t need any additional power supply systems.

In order to meet the expectations of clients, Tork has taken the latest research and threats caused by dispensers into consideration and devised a new technology for drying hands – Tork PeakServe®, a system of endless towels perfect for places of intense traffic. Thanks to Tork PeakServe®, hands are dried in 3 seconds! The patented system allows us to take a towel; filling up the dispensers is quick and lasts for long. Thanks to compressed binds, this dispenser holds over 2000 towels, which means 250% more towels than in a standard dispenser. Tork PeakServe® is a quick, quiet and hygienic way of drying hands.

Paper towels are perfect for drying hands and they prevent spreading viruses; 71% of bathroom users of intense traffic had bad experiences during visiting a toilet. A loud sound of driers may be disturbing for people who are sensitive to noise. According to research, 53% of bathroom users prefer paper towels as a method of drying their hands. To sum up, towels don’t only dry hands faster than electric driers but they’re also more hygienic. We all realize how crucial washing hands is, but when it doesn’t end with the right drying of hands, its effectiveness drastically drops. In order to take care of health and hygiene, it’s worth choosing the best way to dry our hands. 


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