How can we earn on the Internet? Ideas of Starter Rocket participants

Starter Rocket is a programme aimed at beginner entrepreneurs
On the III convention, participants knew the secrets of accounting and network
The first edition of the Starter Rocket accelerating programme is being continued. Every two weeks, a convention is held which associates participants who develop their ideas under the supervision of mentors and trainers.

On the last meeting (21-23 August), young entrepreneurs were knowing secrets of accounting, network and sales. In workshops took part 6 teams, chosen on the basis of meeting with mentors and trainers, which were developing their ideas related to the Internet. These are following:

  • Pressium – an online tool enabling to maintain relations with media. Thanks to this solution, journalists have an easy access to press releases, and clients spend less time than usual on preparing and distributing materials for press;

  • StructView – an innovative solution which complements traditional websites with dynamic 3D elements. Thanks to unique tools, they provide the user a possibility to take advantage of three-dimensional planning design, for instance at designing an interior of a flat;

  • Pin Your Client – it solves three most important challenges for SaaS platforms. The project allows the clients to analyse users and enables to envisage their behaviours, and also it facilitates to find those, who will be the most susceptible to buy a certain product/service;

  • SIP – an intelligent tool to pour drinks and beverages. The product introduces also an easy way to promote the company/event with the use of a social media;

  • Fashionote – a private notebook helping to remember clothes which we may be seen in fashion magazines. It is a mobile application used while reading newspapers, which allows to recognize elements on the magazine website, write them down, and easily buy in online or offline modes;

  • dr Poket – a project was created to help and facilitate a process of taking medicines prescribed by a doctor. It also enables the visualization of a medicine and it projects basic information or leaflets.


Starter Rocket is an accelerating programme for innovative start-ups, that is beginner entrepreneurs, who develop the idea related to new technologies. Within the programme, Starter offers to the participants a substantive support in the form of workshops, meetings with mentors and investors, and also an investment support in the amount of 30 000 zlotys. In the further stages, for chosen participants wait the investment even to 150 000 zlotys and the chance for checking the product on foreign markets.

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