New co-working zone in Gdańsk

Co-working zone available in the Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Incubator gained a new appearance. It will be opened for residents on 19th October.

An opening of a new arrangement of co-working zone in the Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Incubator STARTER will be held on 19th October this year. This event will be held in the same time as „Let's co-work Opening Days of Polish Co-Working”, during which everyone will be able to test a work place for free for 5 days in 14 different cities in Poland.


The common work zone located in the Gdańsk STARTER occupies the area of 300 sq. m, on which relaxation zones and rooms intended for business meetings were created. Due to conducted works, 16 desks with computer or telephone as well as 6 undedicated posts for start-ups were realized. Additionally, all residents of the incubator will be able to benefit from a relaxation and meeting zone. Moreover, there is also the Conference and Traineeship Center included in the commercial offer with e.g. the „Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” zone, 5 multifunctional rooms and 3 zones with the total area of 180 sq. m.


Except for the co-working and conference offer, there is also an office area for start-ups located in the Gdańsk STARTER.


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