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Istvan Kantor, source:
Istvan Kantor, source:
Griffin Art Space, an institution established by Griffin Group in order to support as well as promote culture and art, transformed itself into a foundation. Moreover, it is going to extend its activity.

The organization does not function only as a patron of important culture projects, but it also organizes them. In 2014, it was engaged in culture activities i.a. in Wrocław, Cracow, Katowice and Warsaw. The year 2014 is not only the time of investments and extending of Griffin Group portfolio. The promotion of culture and art is a crucial element of our activity – says Przemysław Krych, chairman in Griffin Group. Therefore, the activity of our foundation – Griffin Art Space has also become more noticeable.


In Wrocław, in cooperation with WRO Art Center within RenomaWRO cycle, the foundation organized i.a. exhibition of a Hungarian performer and author of video-art as well as experimental music, that is Istvan Kantor – Media Revolt, and also RYSOPIS – an exhibition of 18 young authors who were born in Poland in times of political transformation. The works were supposed to be the answer for the question how the artists perceive the surrounding everyday life. The authors used different forms of expression (video, installation, photography, performance).


Katowice Rajza po KATO project, the organizer of which is Griffin Art Space and the patron – DH Supersam, is arousing more and more interest. In 2014, three editions of Rajza took place. The project included exploration of Katowice architecture, meeting new people who are engaged in city activity, organization of walks through the city, photographic workshops and cycles of exterior meetings. According to the ranking conducted by Magdalena Kalisz and published by F5 portal (Market and Culture Trends), Rajza po Kato project was among the best bottom-up initiatives of Polish cities.


Projects such as Rajza po Kato not only integrate and activate inhabitants, but they are also an occasion to meet artists, architects, knowing the city and its culture. Therefore, Rajza po Kato will be certainly continued. Currently, we are working on the next editions together with the Foundation for Visual Arts, which is the producer of this event, city activists and institutions from Katowice. The effect of the project and our work will be a guide for Katowice – comments Anna Klimczak, chairman in the Griffin Art Space Foundation.


In Cracow, Griffin Art Space became a main Patron of the 12th edition of the Krakow Photomonth Festival – one of the largest cyclical events devoted to visual arts in Poland. Within the Photomonth, a special event, that is IX Portfolio Review, took place in Lubicz Office Center in Cracow. It is an annual meeting of authors who have possibilities to submit their works to the group of reviewers: critics, curators, owners of galleries and representatives of culture institutions from Poland and abroad.


Within the framework of its activity, Griffin Art Space makes available the exhibition area owned by Griffin Group, including space in the former Dom Słowa Polskiego and Stereo Gallery for the exhibition of Piotr Łakomy which took place within Warsaw Gallery Weekend.


Recently, other developers who function in Poland such as Ghelamco company have also established the foundation supporting art and cultural development of cities. The established foundation Art in City was responsible for i.a. preparing the writing „I love Warsaw” which has been shining on the Warsaw Spire skyscraper since 8th December. Among other cultural activities of developers involved in commercial properties there are also Warimpex and IVG companies which published a book titled „Krótka ulica, długa historia. Próżna, Plac Grzybowski i okolice” written by seven authors, specialists in history, architecture and urban planning.

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