Valentine’s Day Ghelamco competition

Warsaw Spire
„In love in Warsaw” competition has just started
„In love in Warsaw” photographic competition has just started. The main prize is a photography made against panorama of the capital in a huge heart which replaces „O” letter in a lighting illumination „I LOVE WARSAW” on the 35th floor in Warsaw Spire.

The final of the competition is envisaged on the Valentine’s Day, on 14th February. Three laureates will be awarded a photograph against Warsaw.


In order to take part in the competition, one should ask himself: „what makes that I love Warsaw?” and then make a picture which illustrates it. There can be different places presented on photographs like parks, squares, buildings, streets as well as structures of small and big architecture. A symbol of love, that is heart, has to be present on each picture. It may be illustrated in any but the most creative way.  


The competition entries may be submitted in two ways:

The competition lasts till midnight on 11th February 2015. The results will be announced at midnight on the following day and the photo shoot titled „above Warsaw” will be organized on 14th February. It will be an occasion to see the city from such perspective.


The photo shoot is planned on the 35th floor of the building, where the part of the illuminating writing „I LOVE WARSAW” is placed. The heart, that is „O” letter in the name „LOVE”, against which all photographs will be present, is 4,5-meter high and the whole writing is hung 140 meters above the ground covering 3 tiers of the office.   


„In love in Warsaw” competition was organized on initiative of Art in City Foundation, which was founded by Ghelamco company.

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Terraman :
Konkurs fotograficzny z pasją o Warszawie , to cenna inicjatywa warta uwagii nie tylko w kraju , polecam
February 8, 2015 at 8:38 PM