Trends in accounting

What trends in the area of accounting dominated the market of small and medium companies? We invite you to participation in the survey!

We invite the readers of website to participate in the Internet survey concerning keeping the books of account by sector of small and medium enterprises in Poland.


The collected answers will allow to answer the question: how does the accounting in small and medium companies look like, what forms of settling with a tax office are chosen by entrepreneurs, how often do they keep their books of account individually as well as why do they decide on choosing an accountancy office? 


The questionnaire is composed of 9 single-choice questions and it is available online at:  


The organizer of the survey is Kognitariat tax and financial office which has been functioning on the market since 1993. The company offers a wide range of services in the area of taxes, accounts as well as economic and administrative law.  


The media patronage over the enterprise was provided by such portals as, and

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