IT in Industry GigaCon


City : Qubus Hotel Prestige
Place : Katowice
Date : 02.10.2012
Hour : 08:00 - 16:00
Status : closed

Are you searching for modern solutions for industrial companies?

Take part in the free IT in Industry GigaCon conference - the most important meeting of the manufacturers and distributors who dedicate their solutions for industry sector. The conference will be held on 2nd October in Prestige Hotel in Katowice.

Most of all, we invite for the conference the representatives of the industrial plants:

- Managing directors
- Managers on logistics
- IT department directors
- Managers on production planning and delivery
- Specialists on line maintenance
- Engineers on quality
- Technical directors

We propose the following subject matter:

- ERP- the evolution of standard
- Computerization and automation of production processes
- Cloud computing – innovative solutions in a company
- Outsourcing versus data that comes out of a company
- Managing quality in modern industrial company
- MES systems
- Solutions on managing delivery chains
- Production planning and scheduling

The lectures will be given by:

- Janusz Jurek, PhD - MF&Partners Consulting - "The choice of IT system for industrial company” 

- Dariusz Kacperczyk - EQ System Sp. z o.o. - "Why is production management still hard, in spite of the implementation of ERP system?”

- Andrzej Drzymalski – Polish Productivity Center Sp. z o.o.  - "Industrial computerization versus boosting the efficiency and productivity of the processes"
- Krzysztof Atłasiewicz, PhD – Counseling Center in IT and Managing - "Will MES replace MRPII?"
- Jan Byrski - Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy – Legal issues concerning IT systems in industrial companies; safety of data coming out of a company in the context of a company’s secret


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