Functional office


City : Kraków
Place : Kraków Business Park
Date : 28.02.2012 - 10.02.2012
Hour : 08:00 - 16:00
Status : closed
The watchword is “Innovation”, or improving, perfecting and giving new value. The meeting is held on February 28 in Cracow.

On February 28, one of the series of Functional Office Seminars will take place in Cracow. The watchword is “Innovation”, or improving, perfecting and giving new value. In this edition, the aim of the organizer – OFCO organization (the publisher of “OFFICE: design, facility, technologies” monthly) is the popularization of new solutions dedicated to work space.

The talkers will be the innovators and initiators of changes:

  • Dorota Osiecka (DEGW) - Senior Strategy Consultant:

Subject matter: "Managing a change: How to survive spatial and functional revolution”
How to create an office according to the needs of employees and business?

  • Marek Dunikowski (DDJM) - Architect

Subject: "What’s now?"
"In my opinion these are the architects who contributed to the crisis” – 10-minutes lecture and 35-minute discussion

  • Krzysztof Ingarden (Ingarden & Ewy) - Architect

Polish office on Polish suburbs

  • Mariusz Wilarski (Microsoft) IT Program Manager

Co-operation of IT manager with administration in a project of new office.

During the seminar, the following issues will be discussed:

1.     new forms of work – how to lower the costs and boost the effectiveness;

2.     how to modify the office interior in an easy and cheap way;

3.     which technologies from an employee and business point of view are the most useful and practical;

4.     what is the influence of design upon effectiveness and productivity in work;

5.     how to design and create an office according to the employees’ needs and Business needs;

6.     how to present a philosophy and strategy of a company.

The seminar is targeted at:

  • administration department (directors and administration managers, facility and office managers);
  • IT managers (co-operating with administration departments);
  • architects (both on interiors and structure);
  • providers of furnishing and technology.

This year’s novelty is Meet Me programme, which enables to make an appointment of the participants of Functional Office Seminar 2012.

The participation in Functional Office Seminar 2012 is payable 90 PLN gross price per person. The second person from a company is able to participate in the conference for free. 

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