IT in Universities GigaCon


City :
Place : Wrocław
Date : 25.10.2012
Hour : 09:00 - 15:00
Status : closed

We invite you to join the free conference, which is aimed at overviewing the issues connected with managing and construction of modern IT infrastructure in higher education sector.

Free registration on the page of the conference:

Proposed subject matter of the conference:

• systems supporting managing, recruitment and the work of faculty offices
• financial and accountancy systems, personnel and payroll systems
• anti-plagiarism systems
• library systems
• systems of on-line exams
• e-learning
• Student Electronic Card
• electronic overflow of documents in a company
• computerization of universities in light of the law
• EU projects
• allocation of EU funds in university’s budget
• safety of university computer networks
• artificial intelligence motif
• protection of personal data
• outflow of information

Registration of the participants: 9.00-9.30
The end of the conference: ca 15.00

The participants are guaranteed with:
complete conference materials, a coffee-break, the possibility to participate in selected lectures.

The conference is targeted at public authorities and private universities, as well as people responsible for purchasing new technologies at universities, employees of administration and personnel, members of implementation teams and project designers


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