12 Polish Real Estate Market Conference


City : Warszawa
Place : Hotel Polonia Palace
Date : 08.06.2011 - 09.06.2011
Hour : 08:00 - 20:00
Status : closed
On 08-09.06.2011 in Warsaw, a conference entitled 12 Polish Real Estate Market will be held.


08-09.06.2011, Warsaw, Polonia Palace Hotel

In the programme e.g.:  

Sources (alternative) of financing the development enterprises – real estate funds, private loans, mezzanine funds. How to successfully fund the investments will be discussed by Paweł Grząbka, PhD, President, CEE Property Group Sp. z o.o.

How to cope with the dissimilarities in different regulations on investing process will be told by Dariusz Okolski, Solicitor, Legal Counselor, Okolski Counseling Firm, he will also present a case study of arbitral process.

– Conflict of norms concerning mainly the regulations of Civil Code and Public Procurement Act with FIDIC agreements.  

Compensation claim of the investors against offices and department and legal consequences of faultiness of decisions on administration will be explained by Joanna Jasiewicz, Solicitor, Partner, Joanna Jasiewicz Law Firm 

As a part of case study talk: 

– Formal defects of administration versus a position of an investor

The examples of revitalization of post-industrial and rail areas in Katowice, Wrocław and Warsaw will be presented by Ghelamco Poland

The effective use of PPP in implementing commercial developing projects according to the experiences of Wrocław Sp. z o.o. , VAMED Group, and the Council of Sopot.

Why is it worthwhile to participate:

Owing to your participation in the conference, you will get to know how does the situation on real estate market look like and what can we expect soon in the fields of:

SOURCES OF INVESTMENTS FUNDING: we will present (alternative) sources of financing developing enterprises on the examples of real estate funds, private loans and mezzanine funds. The issues concerning the emission of obligations and their role in real estate market will be also discussed, as well as the changes in the ways of crediting flats purchases according to new supervisors’ regulations.  

LEGAL ASPECTS OF IMPLEMENTING INVESTMENTS: we will answer the questions on: how to cope with the lack of area development plans in Poland and how to apply national and international urban regulations? How does the situation of obtaining decisions on approving urban implementation plan and how to conclude urban and infrastructure agreements? We will show you the effective solutions on conflicts on law rules regulating investing process, as well as completed compensation damages processes of the investors against offices and department concerning faulty issued decisions and permissions.

WHERE IS IT WORTHY TO INVEST: you will get to know how the process of transforming post-industrial and rail areas in Poland look like and what is the situation on local markets concerning area development plans, and what are the plans of bestowing national properties. We will advise on how to benefit from privatization.

GOOD COOPERATION AS A PART OF PPP: we will present the point of view of local authorities and an investor. We will answer the questions on: how to successfully cooperate with a municipality in implementing common enterprises and what dangers are to be faced by a private partner that result from the cooperation with public subject? What kind of investors do the local authorities need?  

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