Construction contracts- how not to fall with the contractor and protect your deal


City : Warszawa
Place : Knowlege Village
Date : 12.12.2012 - 13.12.2012
Hour : 08:00 - 17:00
Status : closed
Construction contracts- how not to fall with the contractor and protect your deal

We invite to participate in workshops, during which we are going to discuss relations between the investor and contractor in light of contracts for construction work.

Invited experts of Skanska, Strabak companies and Spaczyński Szczepaniak i Wspólnicy (SSW) legal practice are going to present the most important matters in regards to execution of construction projects, which are causing problems and controversies in practice.

Come and learn:

  • how to make deals correctly in a construction process
  • how should the process of supervision of correct contract execution look
  • what are the methods of protecting the deals made during construction process
  • what is the role of subcontractors in a construction process and their responsibility
  • what is and how should an investor's agreement for a subcontractor look like
  • when can it happen and what are the consequences of premature termination of contract
  • how to settle a construction contract in the case of bankruptcy, what happens with warranty for performing the work
  • what are the important tax matters for investors and contractors
  • how to improve the chance of creditors for getting their liabilities back
  • in what way should the contractor regulate the method of introducing additional or replacement works in a deal, so that he's not left unpaid for these works



For whom?

The workshops are directed at employees of companies participating in construction process both on contractor and investor's side, companies financing construction works i.a. workers and managers of departments such as: real estate, legal, investment, contracts and planning as well at subjects operating activity in the area of construction contracts.

There exists an option of remote participation in the workshops, through a direct and interactive online transmission.

By deciding on this mode of participation, You receive a complete set of all Speaker's presentations, direct transmission of all lectures and exercises, as well as the chance to ask question in real time – through a moderated board.

Cost of participation through online transmission is: 790 PLN net for 2 days of workshops ( this includes full transmission, ability to as questions through a moderated board, as well as a complete set of presentations for download from site).

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