Office Management Meeting


City : Serock, koło Warszawy
Place : Hotelu Narvil
Date : 01.07.2013 - 02.07.2013
Hour : 09:00 - 07:00
Status : closed
Office Management Meeting

Office Management Meeting

all-Poland meeting of office managers and management assistants

Donald Trump said, "If you want your business to be good, first you should hire a good assistant". The opinion of one of world's richest and most enterprising managers, may be applied not only to management assistants, but also to office managers. Both groups are often irreplaceable advisors in their supervisors' business.

As soon as the beginning of July, Nowoczesna Firma S.A. creates a space where the high-class professionals from the field of office management will meet. The conference Office Management Meeting takes place on 1-2 July 2013 in Narvil Hotel in Serock. We will provide solutions and skills that are necessary for proper functioning in both personal and professional life.

In the face of violent changes in the world of business, management assistants and office managers have never been more essential. They are expected to do everything to keep a company in the best condition possible and lighten duties of their supervisor. Their success depends on being so comprehensive to be able to find solutions both in business matters and in the fields far from the specialistic knowledge of their colleagues. For a talented person, it can become the unfailing source of professional development.

From the scheudle of Office Management Meeting:

Meetings with interesting guests:

- Tomasz Kammel

How to talk and make a deal - about the communication in business

- Sue France

Building of 360° relationships and Managing yourself in time.


Several talks and semi - workshops in the fields of:

- planning events and business meetings

- negotiations with contractors

- managing Company's documentation

- optimalization of office managing's costs

- business image

- taksk managing techniques


We guarantee the participants:

- practical workshops providing proven solutions

- networking with other professionals and the exchange of experiences

- acquiring abilities of coping with stress

- gaining knowledge from the best ones in business

- practical advices on how to become irreplaceable partner in business

- new knowledge needed for functioning in every day business environment

- every day make-up consultation

- staying in a luxurious hotel with the possibility to relax


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