ECO Seminar about sustainable development and green construction on the occasion of the Earth Day


City : Warszawa i Wrocław
Place : w Warszawie w Bibliotece Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego przy ul. Dobrej 56, we Wrocławiu w Centrum Innowacji firmy 3M przy ul. Kowalskiej 143.
Date : 23.04.2015
Hour : 17:00 - 20:00
Status : closed

Polish Green Building and U.S. Embassy Commercial Service in Warsaw in cooperation with American Chamber of Commerce invite on a seminar about sustainable development and green construction on the occasion of the Earth Day on 23th April 2015. The event will be held at the same time in Warsaw and Wrocław.


The carbon footprint, which is related to the necessity of travelling between cities and thus additional emission of carbon dioxide and other substances from mechanical vehicles to the atmosphere, is going to be decreased thanks to location in the city center in the south of the country – explain organizers.


The most important issues will be discussed during the event by the experts in the field of sustainable development and green construction:

  • Peter Templeton, vice-chairman in the United States Green Building Council,
  • Jonathan Scott, author of the book titled “The Sustainable Business. A Practitioner's Guide to Achieving Long-Term Profitability and Competitiveness".


A discussion panel will be held in Warsaw and Wrocław. It will concern the issue of sustainable development and construction with particular consideration of financial profits and change of behaviors in respect of energy efficiency.


Moreover, there will be a network meeting in the evening envisaged for:

  • companies associated with the construction industry,
  • developers,
  • financial institutions,
  • producers of green solutions,
  • strategic business planners,
  • architects,
  • representatives of local governments.


We invite you to participate in the event:

  • in Warsaw in the Warsaw University Library at Dobra 56 Street,
  • in Wrocław in the 3M Innovation Center at Kowalska 143.


The participation is free, however, an earlier confirmation is necessary.


Contact and applications:

Marta Szczepanik

Phone number: +48 515 280 575


More information is available on the website of the organizer.


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