IInd Polish Nationwide Conference titled: “Investment areas in Poland”


City : Warszawa
Place : Siedziba Business Centre Club
Date : 20.05.2015
Hour : 09:30 - 16:00
Status : closed
IInd Polish Nationwide Conference titled: “Investment areas in Poland”

IInd Polish Nationwide Conference “Investment areas in Poland”

20th May 2015. Warsaw


IInd Polish Nationwide Conference titled “Investment areas in Poland” is a continuation of an enterprise started in 2014 which enables exchange of experiences and views in a group of investors who search for attractive investment lands, entrepreneurs from medium and big companies, representatives of local authorities, special economic zones and industrial parks with investment areas.


The program of the Conference includes presentations and discussion panels devoted to trends on the warehouse and office market, especially in the context of a proper choice concerning plots intended for investments in the future. Moreover, the event will be also concentrated on the issue of improving the investment attractiveness of a plot in order to realize there a recreation structure (health resort, hotel, conference center). The subject of the next panels will be the importance of town planning in the context of plots’ attractiveness and properly prepared local and management plan enabling industrial investments.


The Conference is a unique occasion to discussions directly devoted to issues related to investment areas. The interest in the last year’s edition proves that there is a demand for such meetings – says Marta Śniegocka, executive editor on the Tereny Inwestycyjne Info website.


We invite local authorities, owners and representatives of partnerships investing on the shopping mall, office, warehouse, industrial structure and hotel market, heads of the biggest consulting agencies and representatives of business environment institutions to participation in the Conference.


The on-line registration lasts from 20th April and it is available on the website.  


Detailed information about the event and program of the Conference is available here: www.terenyinwestycyje.info.


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