3rd edition of "Facility Management" conference


City : Warszawa
Place : Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe „Nowy Świat”
Date : 30.08.2012
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed
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Facility Management effectively supports managing commercial companies, becomes one of the most significant sectors of business. FM is not only managing properties, but most of all managing value.

During this unique event, which will take place on August 30 in Warsaw, together with the independent experts and leaders of FM solutions, we will try to analyze the most effective and beneficial methods of managing properties and choose the best systems on the market.

The aim of the meeting is to: 

  • Present the issue of outsourcing (technical, economical, infrastructural)
  • Broaden the knowledge on the possibilities and novelties on property market
  • Overview and present the tools and analyze the possible solutions
  • Present the benefits from implementing the innovations.


The conference’s partners are: IBM (Golden Partner), Exorigo (Golden Sponsor), Oracle (Golden Sponsor), Omnitec (Golden Sponsor), Arrow (Golden Sponsor), Smoke Free Systems (Bronze Sponsor), Astor (Participating Company), MBS Partners (Participating Company)

Thematic lectures will be given by e.g.:

  • Bartłomiej Śliwiński, PhD –Senior Lecturer of The University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Economic Sciences – Normalization in Facility Management.
  • Zbigniew Mazurek – Facility Management Consultant – IT tools supporting Facility Management.
  • Krzysztof Bazan – Expert on Construction Automatics – Optimizing costs of managing property by integrating construction systems.  

We invite to participate in the conference:

Building owners (offices, commercial centers, warehouses, hypermarkets, chain shops)
Managing Properties  Directors
Administration Directors
Technical Directors
Facility Managers
Commercial Properties Managers

The participation is FREE for above-mentioned people.
THE NUMBER OF PLACES IS LIMITED! The order of applications matters.

The participation is payable: for the rest, including the representatives of service providers, IT and technological solutions – fee per person is 1 000 PLN + 23% VAT*.

Registration: http://www.multitrain.pl/home/kalendarium/facility-management-2/alias-22.htm

The conference webpage: http://www.multitrain.pl/home/kalendarium/facility-management-2.htm

The programme: http://www.multitrain.pl/home/kalendarium/facility-management-2/program-konferencji-42.htm

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