ECO Fresh grapes right from creepers? Only in Regent Office!

Mrs. Maria Barańska from Herbewo International company is telling us about biodiversity of Regent Office project – a green roof available all year long and grapevines wreathing the walls of the office as well as family wine passion.
Maria Barańska, Herbewo International SA
Maria Barańska, Herbewo International


Regent Office will be distinguished against other Cracow office investments by i.a. a green roof available all year long and grapevines wreathing the walls and also the roof of the building. Where does this interesting and quite untypical conception originate from?


The idea of growing the grapevines on the roof is related to horticultural and wine passion of the chairman Andrzej Barański, who is my dad. The first plants on the roof of Herbewo building, which is located at Słowackiego 64 Street, appeared 15 years ago. There were mainly creepers, Salix integras, thujas and begonias seeded in boxes and planters. Moreover, the roof of the garage shed located at CB Herbewo yard was decorated with various plants a year later. However, not all species were resistant to temperature and shadiness. At present, the shed is decorated with periwinkle, Japanese creeper and Creeping cedar.


The part of the roof in Herbewo has been occupied by a greenhouse with exotic plants but it was replaced by Zielone Tarasy restaurant in 2010. The plants from the greenhouse were transferred to a staircase of the building at Lubelska 29 Street. There, one may admire them against the highest secular stained glass in Europe.


The green terrace on the roof of Herbewo Office Complex is a meeting and relaxation place of the tenants of the investment, and Zielone Tarasy restaurant also functions there 


The tenants may admire a panorama of Cracow and even… the Tatra Mountains on a green roof of Herbowo Office Complex


The interior of Zielone Tarasy restaurant, which serves healthy and ecological food, is decorated with a green wall of our own construction and there are also boxes with flowers and herbs outside the building. Furthermore, there are ground cover plants and succulents resistant to bad weather conditions. From early spring to late autumn, the flowered terraces constitute a special scenery for business as well as integration and entertainment meetings in the open air which will remain in the memory of participants for a long time.


The elevation of the building at Lubelska 29 Street is decorated with the highest secular stained glass in Europe


It is also worth mentioning that the garden at Karmelicka 28 tenement house, which is managed by Herbewo, constitutes an attractive point on the map of the center. We are observing how inhabitants of Cracow and groups of foreigners admire this full of charm place. There is no denying that the maintenance of this greenery is expensive. However, the companies and institutions which rent the area in the tenement house are satisfied with this green luxury.


The building at Lubelska 29 Street


My dad has been engaged in culture of grapevines and production of wine as a hobby for a dozen or so years. He has been experimenting for this period with several dozen species of grapevines in a small vineyard (ca. 1h), which is located to the south of Cracow in Mogilany borough. It is a small-scale production without sales (bottles are spread among friends) resulting in some small successes: „Gajus”, that is our natural sparkling wine, won two gold medals in Galicja Vitis and EnoExpo competitions last year.



Resto-Bar-Gallery Zielone Tarasy in the office at Słowackiego 64 Avenue


The choice of Regent strain, after which the office was named, was certainly not accidental. What are the characteristics of this variety and why did you decide to seed this particular one?


Regent strain, a new German variety of a good quality red wine, seems to be one of the most rewarding strains in cultivation regarding Polish weather conditions. Regent is a frost-resistant species so it should be well adopted on the roof. What are the characteristics of Regent?: medium size bunches, ball and navy blue blueberries; shrub rises strongly and it is resistant to low temperature and it is not so much susceptible to diseases; it is well yielded in a cold climate. The wine has a light fruity aroma and quite dark color. The wines from Regent strain are extractable, well balanced and very sweet in tasting.


Regent Office


In that case, what are you going to do with these tasty fruits? Will employees of companies which rent areas in Regent Office be able to relish their flavor in the future?


Initially, the grapevines will perform only a decorative function because they fruit no sooner than 3-4 years from planting. The fruits will be intended for current consumption. If we are at disposal of a fruit surplus, we would like to organize workshops concerning production of wine on Regent Office roof. Would not it be pleasurably to taste juicy grapes on the way to office or during a break in work?


It means a healthy snack in the price of a lease and additionally employees of companies residing in the office may admire a panorama of Cracow on a green roof. Will it be accessible all year long?


The green roof of Regent Office will be accessible for employees of companies which rent office areas in the building and their guests all year long. The roof will be an original relaxation zone. It is supposed to be a space which inspires, stimulates creativeness and also a place which is easy on the eye. We spend most of a day in work, so why should not it be a place in which it is nice to stay?


One of the most beautiful gardens in Cracow surrounds the tenement house at Karmelicka 27 Street which is managed by Herbewo company. There are office and service locals as well as commercial points located in the building designed by count Pokutyński at the end of XIX century


Are there any more detailed plans concerning the arrangement of this place? 


There will be ornamentals and grapevines planted in a specially adjusted boxes on the green roof. The relaxation zone will be composed of greenery and comfortable tables and chairs. Moreover, the grapevine will be wreathing the main entrance.


Will the landscape architecture, which you decided to realize, have an influence on realization costs concerning the investment and subsequent costs of exploitation?


Of course, the landscape architecture has an impact on realization costs of the investment. However, we are convinced that the well-being of employees and satisfaction from work in Regent Office constitute the added value of lease concerning our areas. We realize that staying in a green surroundings enables better relaxation. A few minutes’ break in work on the green roof will energize the employees of offices in Regent Office. It will be a place to which tenants will invite their business partners with pleasure.


The garden at Karmelicka 27 Street flourishes the fullness of colors from early spring


The green terrace on the roof of the office will be a visually extension of Park Kleparski, whereas the project of the solid of the building refers to forts located at Nowy Kleparz. We would like the building to sign into a surrounding landscape in a harmonic way and create a beautiful view for passers-by and people driving through the Prądnicka Street. Herbewo is a family company with a long tradition (founded in 1924 in Cracow at Prądnicka Street). We care about changing the surroundings for better, more green and more beautiful. It is our development philosophy.


The plants decorate the greater part of an empty roof space in Herbewo complex at Słowackiego 64 Street. Just think how many million roofs in Poland are empty?!

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