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We are talking with Project Manager of Interbiuro Sp. z o.o. Karol Strzała about fit-out solutions and their benefits.
Karol Strzała, Interbiuro Sp. z o.o.
Karol Strzała, Project Manager of Interbiuro Sp. z o.o.

Fit-out service includes a complex and comprehensive realization of projects. What exactly does this notion mean?

Fit-out service is a complex arrangement of space to the needs of tenants. It concerns all realization stages; design consultancy at the preparation stage of the initial concept of arrangement (so called space plan) as well as devising a detailed project with consideration of selected finishing materials and efficient conducting of construction and logistic processes related to arrangement works, including coordination of many industries, especially the ones which are crucial to both functioning of the office and comfort of work.


Modern fit-out of office space consists in individual arrangement of space. Before its introduction, architect analyzes the structure of company and identifies its individual needs. A special emphasis is put on the character of company, specific requirements concerning application of modern technologies, internal communication and establishment of relations with the market.


What are the benefits of using fit-out during realization of office space?

Undoubtedly, the biggest asset for tenants who benefit from fit-outs is cooperation with one business partner, which definitely shortens communication, improves information flow, enables administrative and accounting procedures, and – most importantly – enables "blurring" of the contractors' responsibility for certain aspects of work – one partner is responsible for realization of all works.


Does scope of works in the fit-out service always include the same aspects? If no, how the scope of complex realization is specified?

In most cases, the basic aspects being the core of realization are repeatable, differences lie only in detailed requirements of tenant, whereas scope of works is discussed with tenant each time at devising a space plan.


How does the project of complex revitalization is prepared?

The first step is always devising a space plan, on the basis of which the bill of quantities is prepared. After that, project director devises a schedule for realization, taking clients' expectations and specifics of delivery periods for certain materials into consideration.


What kind of works do you perform within fit-out?

Fit-out includes a full scope of works necessary to prepare a structure to use; it most frequently includes the following subareas:


  • devising of a space plan and design documentation,
  • dismantling works,
  • montage of walls in the system of dry development,
  • performance of electrical, teletechnical, sap and dso installations as well as sanitary installation, including air conditioning and ventilation,
  • delivery and montage of both door and glazed wall joinery,
  • montage of system ceilings,
  • delivery and montage of floor covering,
  • decoration works such as painting, montage of paper walls, or decorative panels,
  • lighting and furniture.


Why the demand for complex service and management of office designs is becoming more and more popular?

Nowadays, the most crucial value is time. Ordering of a complex service in the area of fit-out to experienced contractor allows to optimize time necessary to prepare new areas and thus minimize costs related to maintenance of foregoing office and shortening of client's precious time spent on the process.


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ewka :
Trudno się z Tobą nie zgodzić. Wizerunek firmy powinien być spójny. Właśnie dlatego, jeśli firma wprowadza się do nowego biura, to powinna zadbać o to, aby było one dopasowane do marki, branży i pracowników. W tym wypadku realizacje typu fit out oferowane między innymi przez TotalSec są idealnym pomysłem. Można bowiem stworzyć biuro "skrojona na miarę".
March 17, 2019 at 8:56 PM
Tomasz K. :
Niektórzy nie zdają sobie sprawę z tego jak wygląd biura wpływa na odbiór firmy. Nawet problemy z rekrutacją mogą wynikać z tego jak wygląda dane miejsce. My ze starego biurowca przenieśliśmy się do nowszego budynku i urządziliśmy je z pomocą firmy Forbis, która wszystko zaplanowała oraz wykonała łącznie z meblami. Odbiór nas jako partnerów biznesowych zmienił się diametralnie. Ludzie zaczęli traktować nas poważnie. Niby liczy się wiedza i doświadczenie, a jednak pierwsze wrażenie robi swoje
November 15, 2017 at 9:41 AM