Grand opening of Opera Office

Photo shows Opera Office
Photo shows Opera Office
On 30 august this year the inauguration of Polish Opera Office building took place. The ceremony culminated the 17-month long construction


The ceremony took place on the investment's grounds, on Aleja Zwycięstwa in Gdańsk. Among the invited guests was Gdańsk's President, who positively commented on the topic of the completed building: Opera Office is another EURO STYLE's investment succesfully conducted in Gdańsk Metropolis. The most important however, is the fact that even before the official opening it is clear that the new area will bring profits, and that building's offices will become workplaces for Gdańsk citizens and others. Wishing success both to tenants and developers I hope that there will be more such structures in Gdańsk, since it is them that guarantee successful social-economic growth in our region.

The official white curtain unveiling took place during the ceremony. After that, the guests visited building's common areas and select utility spaces. The ceremony was followed by a banquet during which a jazz Detko Band had a performance.

As Rafał Degutis, structure's architect said: Our objective was to create well illuminated and spacious common areas to enhance work quality of companies located in Opera Office. Utilised materials and elements - corian, stone, glass, spacial lamps in the form geometrical figures - emphasise dynamic and modern character of the building. To contrast with the interiors there is a green patio, clearly visible on the background of white and gray forms.

The list of companies which are to move into Opera Office includes names such as: Lufthansa Systems Poland Ltd. (around 3500 m2 rented area), Metsä Group (1000 m2), Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1000 m2), Lloyd’s Register (around 500 m2), KPMG (around 370 m2), BSJP Brockhuis Jurczak Prusak Ltd. (around. 350 m2), EURO STYL – regional sales office.

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