Office lease a cure for crisis

Around 30 economic entities already operate their businesses in buildings belonging to Tarnów's PKS
Around 30 economic entities already operate their businesses in buildings belonging to Tarnów's PKS
Tarnów's PKS is changing its offer. Now it'll place its main focus on lease of office areas. A total of 2000 sq. m. are intended for lease.


Dynamically changing economic situation forces entrepreneurs to be flexible and manage in difficult times. Tarnów's Przedsiębiorastwo Komunikacji Samochodowej, whose task up till now had been people transport,  was one of the companies who had to face the new, brutal reality. Now however the old monopoly loses with its competition and, coping with financial difficulties, is forced to look for rpofit in other industries, not only automobile. It turns out that offering office areas, whose price is exceptionally attractive for entrepreneurs,  for loan is the perfect solution. 

- We're noting a constant interest in our spaces - admits Zdzisław Janik, prwsident of PKS in Tarnów - Our depot is large enough that apart from us other companies, not only from transport industry, can easily operate here. In total, we can allocate around 2000 m2 for lease.

City center, large parking lot and, as they say in PKS, lowest price are main advantages of the offfice areas offered to individual clients and companies. An interest in the offices is being expressed also by subjects applying for various grants, who locate their headquarters on Braci Saków St. to increase their chances. In total, Tarnów's PKS's buildings house over 30 economic entities.

- We're well aware that Braci Saków St., where our offices are located is situated in the city centre, however it is not as renown as Lwowska or Krakowska, that's why aparat from easy access and parking areas, we're offering probably the lowest rent price, which still can be negotiated anyway- reveals president of PKS in Tarnów. - Housed in our offices is among others a dance school, advertising agency, guitar school, car wash or a sanitary material warehouse... This shows our capabilities - concludes Zdzisłąw Janik.

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