The "blade building" recovered

Aluminum panels, called the "sun breakers" were reconstructed on the facades of the renovated office building of Biproskór.

“Gazeta Wyborcza” informs that last year the authorities of the District Court in Kraków decided to renovate the office building of Biproskór. Because of the protests of the defenders of Kraków’s 60s and 70s architecture, the aluminum details of the facade, which were planned to be removed, were saved.  

The modernization of the elevation, which is said to have cost 700 000 PLN, included insulating, changing the window frames and removing the “blades”, also called the sun breakers. The last part of the project – the removal of the characteristic decoration, which has been associated with Biproskór for 40 years, aroused the biggest controversy. Until now the “blades” constituted the architectural element that joined the three parts of the complex. Their defenders claim that using aluminum panels, which diversify and brighten up the monotonous architecture, is a common practice also today.

Finally, the investor decided to renovate the panels. The “razors” were accurately reconstructed, using the same material and in the same size as the original. Its installation will last until the end of October. Zakład Remontowo - Budowlany "KAZ-BUD" Kazimierz Marciniec is responsible for the works

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