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The building will also house a business incubator for IT companies and startups.
The building will also house a business incubator for IT companies and startups.
In Pruszków, at a cost of 8 million zlotych a building combining functions of an office building, server station for services in a computing cloud, multimedia showroom with services presentation hall as well as a conference center is to be erected.


Part of the investment recieved funding in 2010 from EU funds through Mazowieckie voivodeship's Urząd Marszałkowski.

- With these projects we are entering a new age in which new technologies and innovation are incredibly crucial to the region's development - emphasises Mazowieckie voivodeship's board member Janina Ewa Orzelowska.

The project, which is being realised by Sekwencja company, assumes construction of a building fulfilling every requirement related to green construction. The structure will be used by small and medium companies united in Alternatywny Klaster Teleinformatyczny, a group of companies who join their strengths in order to better compete on the market. Thanks to the utilization of modern technologies, enterprises will be able to make use of the servers installed in the building to backup important data with no worries about loosing them or suffering a leak.

- This project will allow Polish companies to gain technological base comparable to that of big Western enterprises - says Julia Bosakirska, Sekwencja company's technological expert. - Thanks to this even a small company will be able to compete for lucrative deals alone or with other members of the cluster. Moreover, supporting their own servers or showrooms is often uneconomic for small businesses. The cluster offers a kind of outsourcing of these services for it's members.

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