A science and technology park is to be built near Łódź

Eureka Science and Technology Park in Konstantynów Łódzki
The company PTB Nickel was chosen the general contractor of the new investment of Eureka Technology Park.

Innovative science and technology park will be built in Konstantynów Łódzki. The cost of the project, co-financed by EU funds, was estimated at over 37 million zloty. The construction works are to begin in May this year, and end in June 2015. The building will be made in the system “design and build.”


The project, which will be made on the area of Lodz Special Economic Zone, is yet another investment by Eureka Technology Park. The general contractor - PTB Nickel - has already co-operated with the investor, building a similar facility in Dąbrowa near Poznań. Science and technology park near Łódź is to be dedicated mainly to the companies from R&D sector, which develop new technologies.


We are very well prepared for the construction of the investment of Eureka Technology Park in Łódź. We already have 4 objects of this kind in our portfolio, and in the coming months we will put another one into use, emphasises Michał Nickel, the President of PTB Nickel. In Złotniki near Poznań we constructed, among others, Nickel Technology Park Poznań and biomedical Nickel BioCentrum, Wysogotowo Technology Park Inea Park. The complex in Konstantynów Łódzki is made in the system “design and build.” This means that we provide our customer with a full servicing of the investment process, beginning with the creation of the construction design and obtaining the building permit, through the preparation of detailed design, to the construction of the finished building and obtaining the occupancy permit, he explains.


Within the frames of the investment, 3-storey building with the entire infrastructure will be built. The project will offer 8 600 sq. m of total area, where offices, conference halls, data centres, food and beverage services and servicing points, as well as machine rooms will be built. Ultimately, ca. 600 people will be employed in the building. The building, designed by A.N.I. Pracownia Projektowa Anna Smólska, is fully adapted to the needs of the disabled.

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